Political process

narynriverAfter years of embarking on promising forays into Central Asia’s economy, Russia is being forced to pare back its ambitions.

collseceurDivergent interests in Russia’s dispute with Turkey and Armenia’s conflict with Azerbaijan restrict the CSTO.

russian president vladimir putinRussian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that allows the Constitutional Court of Russia to decide whether or not to comply with judgements made by international rights courts – a measure seen as a response to Russia losing many cases in Strasbourg, and being ordered to pay large sums of money.


jurnalWhen Kazakhstan celebrated its independence day on Wednesday (16 December), one former journalist with the Central Asian state's broadcaster was grateful she did not have to report it.

zhanozenzFour years after the massacre of striking oil workers by security forces at Zhanaozen in western Kazakhstan, the campaign to unmask those who gave the orders goes on

kazchinKazakhstan's relations with China have been growing extensively since the two countries established diplomatic ties in 1992. As the first Chinese ambassador to Kazakhstan, my memory of this bilateral relationship goes back to the initial stage when the two built relations.

rahmoneJust in case it wasn’t clear, Emomali Rahmon is likely to be named the Leader of the Nation.

chxinzCaught between superpowers Russia and China, can Central Asia's "stans" exert their independence amid a changing energy landscape?

dariga nurIn Kazakhstan, it seems, there are second chances for daughters tainted by political scandal.

nazputThe Kazakh government has a delicate balancing act between Russia and China, according to an opinion article by David Clark in The New Statesman, Britain’s weekly current affairs magazine, on August 4.