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January 2016

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Oil Squeeze: Kazakhstan And Central Asian States Suffer Amid Slowdowns In Russia And China

Amid the modern and futuristic landscape of Astana, Kazakhstan’s capital, and in the large city of Almaty, something rarely seen has appeared in recent weeks and months: protesters. Kazakhstan’s tenge... read more..

Political process

Kazakhstan: Ruling Party Plumps for Populism

Kazakhstan’s president could hardly be expected to run for parliament, so the ruling Nur Otan party has gone for the next best thing: The actor who played him as a young man in the biopic. Nurlan Ali... read more..


Drift and dissent. So much for Nursultan Nazarbayev’s “Kazakh dream”

Not long ago it all looked so much better: oil prices were high, the middle classes were growing and the autocrat-father of the state, Nursultan Nazarbayev, presided over 17m grateful subjects. Yet to... read more..

Political process

Economy and Sanctions Derail Russia’s Central Asian Investments

After years of embarking on promising forays into Central Asia’s economy, Russia is being forced to pare back its ambitions. The starkest retreat of Russian money is seen in Kyrgyzstan, whose parli... read more..


U.S. Policy Toward Central Asia 3.0

Major geopolitical shifts and internal dynamics are setting the stage for possible increased great-power competition in Central Asia between Russia and China at a time when the region is becoming less... read more..


Kazakhstan’s Ever Shrinking Space for Dissent

Two activists were recently jailed for “inciting national discord.” With both oil prices and the Russian ruble continuing to search for their respective floors, Kazakhstan’s economic maelstrom shows ... read more..

Events and opinions

Kazakhstan: TV Epic Promises Game of Thrones-Style Thrills

Armor-clad warriors surge out from behind a rocky outcrop and gallop across the steppe amid a thunder of hooves, banners flapping in the breeze and swords aloft. Emitting furious war cries, they desce... read more..

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The Tide Is Going Out on Putin

Russia is a great power whose reach now exceeds its grasp. Although capable of bold moves, it is beset by strains. In 2016, Moscow will face pressures to align ambitions with means, but this will req... read more..

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Kazakhstan Asks U.S. Judge to Help Bully Press

Hoping to use the "U.S. court system as a weapon in its war against a free press," Kazakhstan's government subpoenaed Facebook for information that could endanger such dissidents as editor it incarcer... read more..

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Astana Emerges: Expo 2017

The Expo 2017 global gathering will showcase developments from around the world in the field of green, renewable and sustainable energy. Expo 2017 will place Astana, Kazakhstan in the international sp... read more..

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Kazakhstan: Cash-Strapped Astana Cuts Funds for Flagship Exhibition

Hot on the heels of a graft scandal that has blighted a flagship exhibition to be staged in Kazakhstan’s capital comes news that its budget is being slashed – again. With Kazakhstan in the throes of ... read more..

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Kazakhstan President Calls Snap Election

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev dissolved the lower house of parliament Wednesday and called a snap election, urging the nation to consolidate at a time of economic hardship caused by the crash ... read more..

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Kazakhstan: Security Service Shake-Up Sets Off Succession Speculation

Kazakh National Security Committee Chairman Nurtay Abykayev (standing) receives his marching orders from Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev during a meeting with the country’s intelligence agency o... read more..

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Alex Nisengolts: Corruption hinders Kazakhstan reforms

After reading my earlier posts about privatization opportunities in Kazakhstan and the deterrent effect of the FCPA on American investment in that country, and Kazakh listings in the U.S., a reader as... read more..

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The Russia-Turkey crisis: What impact on Central Asia?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is well-known for being a man who does not do things by half measures. The anti-Turkish campaign launched by the Kremlin is proof of this. Ever since Turkey shot ... read more..

Events and opinions

Stop Using These 2 Phrases to Talk About Central Asia. Please, don’t let your Great Game spill over into mine.

Central Asia is seldom covered in the international press and when it is, it is often condensed politically, geographically, and economically into a single unit — an amalgamation that does the job but... read more..

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