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Top Kazakh Bank on the Block for Under $1 May Need $738 Million

Kazakhstan’s Halyk Bank may have to inject at least 230 billion tenge ($738 million) into Kazkommertsbank, the troubled lender it’s set to buy for less than $1 after a state bailout, according to two ... read more..

Events and opinions

A new reality in EU and #Kazakhstan co-operation

Director of the European External Action Service Luc Devigne and Deputy Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Roman Vassilenko co-chaired the Cooperation Committee meeting that met recently in Astana to make... read more..


Kazakhstan Breaks Oil Production Cut Promise. The promise was symbolic, anyway.

Kazakhstan, it seems, has been one of the worst violators of a promise made in December to cut oil production. According to data in the International Energy Agency’s March Oil Market Report [PDF], Kaz... read more..


The US “Offshore” Industry and the Eurasian Connection

In Cheyenne, Wyoming, a small brick-faced house sits between a Greek Orthodox Church and a tired-looking barbershop. The structure does not stand out. Yet, according to court documents from several... read more..

Events and opinions

Proposed Article To Kazakhstan's Criminal Code Raises Concerns

Kazakhstan has an article in its Criminal Code -- Article 174 to be exact -- that outlaws actions that foment social, national, tribal, racial, class, or religious hatred and actions that insult natio... read more..

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Why Did Peace Corps Leave Kazakhstan?

In 2011, Peace Corps left Kazakhstan. Newly surfaced documents shed light on the real reasons why. When the Peace Corps shuttered its operations in Kazakhstan in 2011, rumors abounded. Stories of r... read more..

Events and opinions

Attacks exemplify allure of extremism in ex-Soviet republics

The third airport attacker was identified as being from Russia, where Islamic violence has broken out for decades — in the Chechnya separatist war, as part of a persistent insurgency in neighboring Da... read more..

Political process

Kazakhstan Country Profile

Regime Classification: Consolidated Authoritarian Regime   Nations in Transit Ratings and Averaged Scores NOTE: The ratings reflect the consensus of Freedom House, its academic advisers,... read more..

Special projects

Ranking the Central Asian States as Investment Destinations

25 years after independence, which Central Asian and South Caucasian countries are the best (and worst) places to invest? In 2016, all of the five Central Asian and three South Caucasian countries ce... read more..

Events and opinions

Central Asia Is a Critical Crossroads

The Trump administration must keep the U.S. a player in the region. Developing a new strategic approach to Central Asia is probably at the bottom of the Trump administration's foreign policy inbox. N... read more..


Kazakhstan: California Court to Hear Almaty Corruption Lawsuit

Kazakhstan has successfully argued in a US appeals court that it can file suit against a former top official — an avowed foe of the government — in California for compensation over alleged acts of cor... read more..

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