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Leak in Money-Launder Suit Touching Trump Project Draws Fine

A former mayor of Kazakhstan’s largest city and his son may be on the hook for more than $280,000 for violating a confidentiality order in a multibillion-dollar lawsuit over embezzlement and money lau... read more..

Special projects

Rothschild pitches idea of pre-IPO sales for Kazakh privatisations

Rothschild, which advises the Kazakh central bank, has recommended that the country’s privatisation programme include pre-sales to strategic investors before shares are put on the market. Oil-rich ... read more..


Ex-Kazakh Mayor Slapped in New York Suit on Looted Billions

As the ex-mayor of Almaty, Kazakhstan, battles allegations that his family systematically looted hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds, a U.S. magistrate approved sanctions Monday against th... read more..

Events and opinions

Internet censorship in Kazakhstan: more pervasive than you may think

As Internet penetration grows in the country, so do the government’s attempts to monitor, control and repress dissenting voices. As Internet penetration grows in the country, so do the government’s... read more..

Events and opinions

UK: Supreme Court: Actions In Contempt Of Court Can Be 'Unlawful Means'

Multiple breaches of worldwide freezing orders (WFOs) in contempt of court can form the basis of an action for damages caused by 'unlawful means' conspiracy, the UK's highest court has confirmed. T... read more..

Political process

Kazakhstan: Tokmadi sentenced to 10 and a half years in prison for murdering former BTA Bank chair

Muratkhan Tokmadi was sentenced March 16 to 10 1/2 years in a maximum-security prison for murdering the chair of the BTA Bank Yerzhan Tatishev during a hunt in 2004. It is the second verdict in the ca... read more..


U.S. court rules in favour of $520 million arbitration against Kazakhstan

 A court in the United States has ruled in favour of a Moldovan businessman seeking to enforce a $520 million arbitration award against Kazakhstan. The businessman, Anatolie Stati, has already read more..

Special projects

World's biggest metals factory gives Kazakh town a life of its own

On the surface, the Kazakh town of Aksu looks like a Communist stereotype. Its metals factory is the biggest in the world and for generations it has provided residents with employment, healthcare, edu... read more..

Political process

Kazakhstan Closes Spigot to Opposition Leader’s Information Channels

Facebook and Telegram have been malfunctioning since an opposition movement was labelled extremist. Communications authorities in Kazakhstan have revealed that their efforts to delete online materi... read more..


Frontmen for shell companies could face jail in UK property crackdown

Frontmen of foreign shell companies that are used to hide the true ownership of some of London’s most expensive properties could face up to two years in jail and unlimited fines under new government p... read more..

Political process

Interpol Is Now a Crime Victim

Russia and other authoritarian states are gaming the system to go after dissidents. The poisoning of a former Russian double agent and his daughter in Salisbury, England, earlier this month isn't j... read more..


How Putin cronies BOUGHT London: One spent £250m on property in the capital in a year, another owns the city's biggest private house (apart from Buckingham Palace)... So will they now face a financial crackdown?

Built in the style of a French chateau, with a palatial roofline rising high over the River Thames, Whitehall Court is one of Britain’s grandest private buildings. The imposing Victorian pile, whic... read more..

Events and opinions

Russia: Putin’s Tsar Paul Complex

Now that Vladimir Putin has dispensed with the formalities of reclaiming presidential authority, Kremlinologists can focus on the more substantive question of how Russia’s paramount leader intends to ... read more..


Kazakhstan: Two High-Profile Trials Conclude with Jailings

The convictions close the book on corruption and murder trials that have exposed the rot within the system. Two high-profile criminal trials in Kazakhstan — one for murder and the other for corrupt... read more..

Events and opinions

Multilateralism for a Despotic Age

Democracies need different rules of engagement with authoritarian regimes. “I know very well that right now some are trying to isolate Cuba. We Europeans want to show, on the contrary, that we are ... read more..

Events and opinions

Anonymous Generosity: the Foundations Sponsoring Putin’s Re-Election

Russian President Vladimir Putin may be running for reelection as an independent candidate, at least officially — but his electoral campaign is wholly funded by the ruling United Russia party and 22 a... read more..


Kazakhs Sue a Kleptocrat, Trump Friend

A scandal involving fraud, racketeering and theft that features ties to President Donald Trump and a notorious Cyprus bank is playing out in a Los Angeles federal court, where a former Kazakhstan poli... read more..

Political process

Kazakhstan Grants US Access To Ports For Afghan-Bound Goods

Lawmakers in Kazakhstan have approved an agreement allowing the United States to use two of the nation’s Caspian Sea ports as transit points for shipping nonmilitary material to Afghanistan. By gai... read more..

Special projects

The Ablyazov Affair: ‘Fraud on an Epic Scale’

New rounds of litigation add to the opaque case of fugitive ex-Kazakh minister Mukhtar Ablyazov – writes Stephen M. Bland. With the ninth anniversary of his flight from the authorities in his homel... read more..


£22m homes are first to be hit by ‘McMafia’ law

Two homes worth £22 million and owned by a foreign tycoon today became the first to be targeted using a new law to tackle “McMafia” style criminals in Britain. The National Crime Agency said that t... read more..


The Mayfair mansion that’s been empty for 14 years

As temperatures plummet to sub-zero and over a thousand people sleep rough on London’s streets, Who Owns England can reveal the Mayfair mansion that’s been empty for 14 years. Moreover, it transpir... read more..

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