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Cyprus Records Shed Light on Libya's Hidden Millions

Newly leaked records from Cyprus show how a Gaddafi-era procurement official who stole millions from his country's government used offshore companies and multiple bank accounts to channel and launder ... read more..


Corruption Case Begins Against Kazakh Couple That Allegedly Laundered Money Through Trump Tower

On Thursday, a court in Kazakhstan launched preliminary hearings of a corruption case against the former mayor of the Kazakh city of Almaty, Viktor Khrapunov, and his wife Leila Khrapunova, a couple w... read more..

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China’s Policies Spur Central Asians To Cautiously Chart Independent Course – Analysis

China’s brutal crackdown in its north-western province of Xinjiang and growing questions about the dark side of some of its Belt and Road investments is fuelling anti-Chinese sentiment, prompting some... read more..


Corruption Trial Against Former Almaty Mayor Opens In Kazakhstan

A court in Kazakhstan opened preliminary hearings in the case against former Almaty Mayor Viktor Khrapunov and his wife, Leila Kharpunova, on July 26. The two, who are living in Switzerland, have read more..

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They Won’t Back Down: Kazakhstan’s Feisty Newspaper

Three years after recovering from an attempt on his life, journalist Lukpan Akhmedyarov ditched his day job and began running a business. But he soon felt the itch to return. “I discovered that in... read more..


Ten Ways Washington Can Confront Global Corruption

In 2018, public anger and legal action over corruption have toppled political leaders in Malaysia, Peru, Slovakia, South Africa, and other countries. This is an acceleration of a documented trend: ... read more..


Revealed: UK's Head of 'Tax Simplification' Is Helping Set Up a Tax Haven

A government tax adviser and one of Theresa May's "business ambassadors" are helping to create a tax haven in Kazakhstan.  Chancellor Phillip Hammond's adviser on "tax simplification" is helpi... read more..


South York II: Building work begins on the site of Prince Andrew and Fergie's demolished mansion - 11 years after he sold Queen's wedding gift to Kazakh billionaire for £15million

The £15million mansion handed to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson by the Queen as a wedding gift is finally being rebuilt almost three years after it was razed to the ground by a Kazakh billionaire. ... read more..


The Case of the Khrapunovs

International institutions fail to measure up to the task of tackling globalized financial crime. The subject of lawsuits in the United Kingdom and the United States, former Mayor of Almaty Vikto read more..

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Chinese 'reeducation camps' in spotlight at Kazakh trial

Secretive "re-education camps" allegedly holding hundreds of thousands of people in a Muslim-majority region in western China are the focus of an explosive court case in Kazakhstan, testing the countr... read more..

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Revival of Pan-Turkism in Kazakhstan Threatens Pillars of Eurasian Union

The term “pan-Turkism,” which carried a similarly ominous meaning as “enemy of the people” under Joseph Stalin and his Soviet successors, has become a strong component of Kazakhs’ search for national ... read more..

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Surveillance fears cloud China's 'Digital Silk Road'

A major element of China's continent-spanning Belt and Road Initiative has nothing to do with roads, ports or power plants. Rather, the "Digital Silk Road" aims to construct communications networks ac... read more..


Kenya, Swiss sign deal to recover corruption loot

The fight against corruption went a notch higher on Monday following the signing of an agreement that clears the way for the recovery of assets acquired through graft and stashed in foreign countrie read more..

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Xinjiang: Pan-Turkism Fuels China’s Hearts-And-Minds Campaign – Analysis

Chinese efforts to woo Saudi Arabia’s ethnic Chinese community highlight the People’s Republic’s effort to avert criticism from the Muslim world of its crackdown in the north-western province of Xinji... read more..

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Modernising authoritarianism in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan’s so-called “spring” is more about upgrading this Central Asian state than providing political freedoms. Seventy kilometres south of Tashkent, Pengsheng Industrial Park is the biggest no... read more..

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Calls For Protests Against Kazakh 'Dictatorship' Fall Flat In Astana, Almaty

Calls for protests against Kazakhstan's authoritarian ruler by an exiled opposition leader on the 20th anniversary celebrations of Astana's establishment as the Kazakh capital appear to have fallen fl... read more..


Seeking Belt buckle role, Kazakhstan launches China-backed financial hub

Seeking to attract more foreign investment from its prime position in China's huge Belt and Road trade project, Kazakhstan launched a new financial hub on Thursday which has already secured the backin... read more..

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Kazakhstan Opens Astana International Financial Center In Hopes To Become Eurasian Finance Hub

At first glance, Kazakhstan’s new financial center is an exercise in ambition. Built out of the infrastructure of a futuristic, Epcot Center-like World Expo venue, the Astana International Financial C... read more..

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