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July 2013

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Events and opinions

Kazakh oligarch Ablyazov arrested in France: sources

Mukhtar Ablyazov, a Kazakh businessman accused of embezzling $6 billion from his former bank BTA, has been arrested near Cannes in southern France and is being held by police, sources familiar with read more..

Events and opinions

Investigators told of Rakhat Aliyev’s alleged money laundering network

  The former son-in-law of Kazakhstan's dictator, Nursultan Nazarbayev, is now being accused of money laundering by lawyers across Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein - as confirmed in documents read more..

Events and opinions

Italy’s shameful collusion with Kazakhstan

  Fifty plainclothes Italian special agents raided a villa on the outskirts of Rome on May 29 and absconded with Alma Shalabayeva and her 6-year old daughter, Alua. Two days later, after unchara read more..

Events and opinions

Kazakh dictator renews friendship with David Cameron

  The authoritarian leader of Kazakhstan visited David Cameron in Downing Street while he was on a private trip to London with his family this week, it has emerged. In a visit, which was not off read more..

Political process

LEAD: Italy may take diplomatic action against Kazakhstan Eds: Adds EU, Kazakh deputy premier Europe

Rome (dpa) - Italy may take action against Kazakhstan's ambassador if the central Asian republic fails to ensure the wellbeing of the wife and daughter of a dissident that Rome has wrongly deporte read more..

Events and opinions

Revealed: Aliyev wanted to buy MaltaToday

  Multimillionaire accused of human rights abuses, torture, money laundering and murder had approached MaltaToday's ownership to buy the company.     Rakhat Aliyev, the multimilli read more..

Events and opinions

Exiled foe of Kazakh president says regime is out to kill him

  Valletta (dpa) - Rakhat Aliyev, a former member of the Kazakh regime, said Sunday from his exile in Malta that secret agents from the energy-rich Central Asian republic are on a mission to "ki read more..


Deportation of Kazakhs Frays Italy’s Government

  A political storm unleashed by the whirlwind expulsion of a dissident Kazakh oligarch's wife and daughter has further strained the tense relations within the coalition parties of Italy's fragi read more..

Events and opinions

Kazakhstan won't let oligarch's wife return to Italy

  Kazakhstan said on Saturday the wife of fugitive former minister and oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov could not leave the country because she was under investigation, and Ablyazov said his wife and d read more..


Laying the golden egg. It’s party-time on spaceship Nursultan.

  KAZAKHSTAN'S capital, Astana, celebrated its 15th anniversary on July 6th with a petrodollar-fuelled party. It happened also to be the 73rd birthday of the country's strongman president, Nursu read more..

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