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Kazakh tycoon's family sues diplomats in Italy

  The family of an exiled Kazakh tycoon accused of fraud filed a lawsuit in Italy on Wednesday against three diplomats for the alleged illegal extradition of his wife and daughter to Kazakhstan. read more..

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The European Union and Central Asia: Economic Cooperation vs. White-collar Crime

  Economic cooperation between the EU member states and the Central Asian republics has expanded steadily beyond its initial focus on energy resources. But besides new perspectives in trade, the read more..

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Kazakhstan: Is Opposition Politics Officially Dead?

  One of Kazakhstan's few remaining opposition leaders has announced that he is quitting politics, a move that comes amid Astana's ongoing crackdown on dissent and leaves a dearth of dissenting read more..

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Experts on the Silk Road economic zone: China entered a golden period of cooperation with Central Asia

  China news agency, Beijing, September 11 (Liang Xiaohui) - ''Silk economic zone' from wording is a new concept, although the United States until there is a 'New Silk Road plan', but the countr read more..

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The Kremlin's Collapsing Eurasian Sandcastle

  Vladimir Putin's dream of creating a Eurasian Union is about to breathe its last breath. Over the past several weeks, Russia has made headlines with its bullying of Ukraine for the latter read more..

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Push for Customs Union Turns Friends to Foes

  British Prime Minister David Cameron took umbrage last week when President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov allegedly ridiculed Great Britain as a "small island." But Russia and Britai read more..

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Kazakhstan Expo: Should Architects Design For Autocrats?

  The question of ethics in architecture has taken on a new resonance in recent years, as the autocratic governments of China and the Middle East have begun importing foreign designers en masse read more..


Report: Kanye West played concert for brutal Kazakhstan leader Nazarbayev

  It looks like Kanye West has taken a page from Jennifer Lopez's playbook, playing a big bucks concert for a world leader with a long list of human rights abuses. West performed over the w read more..


Rights group slams Kanye West for Kazakhstan gig

  A rights group has hit out at hip-hop superstar Kanye West for performing at the lavish wedding party of the Kazakh president's grandson, calling the country a "human rights wasteland." T read more..

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Kazakhstan: US Rapper Under Fire for Nazarbayev Wedding Gig

  US rapper Kanye West is the latest musician to find himself embroiled in controversy after reportedly accepting millions of dollars to perform for a Central Asian autocrat. West was shown read more..

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Liberal Colleges in Authoritarian Places

  U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Robert O. Blake performed the diplomatic equivalent of gold-medal figure skating last April in a meeting at the authoritarian central Asian nation of Kazakhst read more..

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Kazakhstan: Injuries Reported in Rare Riot

  At least 16 people were injured during a rare riot in normally supine Almaty after a pop concert was abruptly cancelled late on August 31. Popular singer Kairat Nurtas, who was making a guest read more..

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Kanye West ignores 'human rights violations' by Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev for $3m payday at his grandson's wedding

  Kanye West is embroiled in controversy again after the rapper raked in a reported $3 million to perform at the wedding of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev's grandson, according to TMZ read more..

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