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In Uzbekistan, they yearn for all the Nobel Prizes this year to take away their "sun"

A representative of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, Olimjon Tukhtanazarov, delivered such an idea, the Belarusian partisan reported with reference to Ferghana Information Agency. ... read more..

Events and opinions

KAZAKHSTAN: Legal amendments - no text, no OSCE review

Kazakhstan's Human Rights Ombudsperson called in April for the parliamentary Working Group considering the wide-ranging amendments to the Religion Law and other laws to be sent for an OSCE legal revie... read more..


Electoral Tsunami For Malaysia – Analysis

An electoral tsunami swept away Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, ending 60 years of rule by the United Malays National Organization, UMNO. The outcome was welcomed at home as well as abroad – v read more..

Political process

Geopolitics And Conflict Potential In Central Asia And South Caucasus – Analysis

Two post-Soviet Caspian Sea sub-regions – Central Asia and the South Caucasus – have experienced different conflict scenarios. The South Caucasus has been embroiled in protracted, large-scale armed... read more..


Kazakhstan extremely risky despite oil-price recovery

Political uncertainty and over-reliance on external borrowing make the country more vulnerable than lower-rated sovereigns. Kashagan-oil-field-Kazakhstan-R-780Kashagan oilfield: a new dawn thanks t... read more..

Special projects

Kazakhstan’s Neutrality Irks Russia and Strains Bilateral Ties

Recent developments in Armenia, where a former president–turned–prime minister, Serzh Sargsyan, hastily stepped down in the face of vigorous street protests on April 23, underscored the potential vuln... read more..

Events and opinions

Seizing Economic Opportunities in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

If Astana and Tashkent can tackle long-term obstacles to growth, there’s great potential in the region. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have come to an interesting point in their histories, looking at ma... read more..


Kazakhstan Appeals U.K. Court Ruling on $22 Billion of Assets

Kazakhstan’s government is asking an appeals court to throw out a decision that allowed BNY Mellon to freeze about $22 billion of assets in the country’s oil fund as part of a dispute over an unpaid a... read more..


Restoring capitalism after the age of the oligarchs

Earlier this month, the UK’s parliament backed a change to legislation that would force the government to push offshore tax havens to boost transparency in an effort to tackle corruption and money lau... read more..


Malaysian police found $28 million in cash, 400-plus handbags in 1MDB-linked searches

Malaysian police said on Friday that cash worth 114 million ringgit ($28.6 million) and over 400 luxury handbags were seized from several apartments as part of an anti-graft probe into a state fund read more..


Bankers May Have Moved $13 Billion Through Baltic Laundromat

Banks operating in the Baltic nation of Estonia may have laundered considerably larger sums than first thought. Estonian police now estimate that bankers in their country were involved in suspiciou... read more..

Political process

Is Kazakhstan’s political opposition creeping back?

The president’s advanced age instils his detractors with hope a change of leadership is imminent. After a long hibernation, organized political opposition is making a comeback in Kazakhstan. For o... read more..

Political process

Kazakhstan to boost president's 'ruler-for-life' status

Kazakhstan's parliament on Wednesday passed a bill that would cement its veteran ruler Nursultan Nazarbayev's status as the country's top power broker even if he decides to retire as president. The... read more..

Events and opinions

Impatient dictators: how snap elections shore up authoritarianism in Eurasia

Authoritarian states are using all-too familiar constitutional mechanisms to consolidate power. Fatima Mövlamlı. Source: Youtube.Fatima Mövlamlı, an Azerbaijani teenager, is used to seeing İlham Al... read more..

Special projects

Kazakhstan hopes actress's Cannes win will inspire local talent

Kazakh actress Samal Yeslyamova won best actress for her part in "Ayka" at Cannes After Kazakhstan's Samal Yeslyamova scooped a surprise award for best actress at the Cannes film festival, many o read more..

Political process

What’s behind China’s anti-Kazakh campaign?

If you're an ethnic Kazakh or a Kazakh citizen in northwest China, you can face detention on espionage and extremism charges. RU Zhenisnur Ayatkhanuly with children in a house in the suburbs of A read more..

Political process

Tribal Confederation Identities In Kazakhstan Remain Strong And Politically Relevant – OpEd

The continuing strength of tribal confederation identities in Kazakhstan not only limit the ability of the authorities to combat corruption but reduce the country’s prospects for development and absor... read more..


Belgian ex minister indicted in 'Kazakhgate' graft scandal

Former Belgian minister Armand De Decker has been indicted for influence-peddling as part of the wide-ranging "Kazakhgate" probe into allegations of corruption linked to a trade agreement between Fran... read more..

Political process

Kazakhstan's hunt for supporters of tycoon Ablyazov gets absurd and goes abroad

“As usual, there were more police on the scene than protesters,” a journalist living in a provincial town recently told Global Voices of one of the freedom of speech pickets that rippled across Kazakh... read more..

Events and opinions

On China’s New Silk Road, Democracy Pays A Toll

China's vast foreign investment program comes at a sharp cost to human rights and good governance Great power competition is back. And China is now combining its vast economic resources with a musc... read more..

Political process

Kazakhstan-EU Parliamentary Cooperation Committee adopts joint declaration, confirms commitment to enhance ties

Kazakh and European parliamentary officials reconfirmed mutual commitment to strengthening ties as they adopted a joint declaration following the May 10 15th annual session of the Kazakhstan-European ... read more..


Fast social and economic change rings in a new era for Uzbekistan

After decades in the economic wilderness, Uzbekistan wants to reintegrate itself into the global value chain. A Eurobond is on the way and regional integration has become a key priority In the year... read more..

Events and opinions

Kazakhstan's Small Lenders Suffer Financial Crunch

Strongly criticized by the president, some small banks in Kazakhstan are asking for help from the state to withstand a liquidity crisis. Kazakhstan’s Single Pension Fund (ENPF) could lend cash agai... read more..


Kazakhstan Belt and Road Initiative: The road to somewhere

Khorgos, a new state-of-the-art port in the middle of the Kazakh desert, sums up the grand ambitions of the Belt and Road Initiative. But it is as much driven and funded by Kazakhstan as it is by Chin... read more..

Political process

Kazakh police detain dozens at anti-government rally

Kazakh police detained dozens of people who demonstrated in the Central Asian nation's biggest city on Thursday after an opponent of President Nursultan Nazarbayev urged his followers to protest. M... read more..

Political process

Kazakhstan: Police crack down on anti-government rallies

The demonstrations were organized at the behest of foreign-based opposition figure Mukhtar Ablyazov. A rights group in Kazakhstan has said numerous people were detained by police on May 10 as the read more..

Events and opinions

Fire and oil in western Kazakhstan's “spiritual renovation”

Post-independence Kazakhstan has seen a revival in Kazakh genealogies, sub-ethnic lineages and identities. The Adai Ata mausoleum. March 2017. Photo courtesy of the author. All rights reserved.As t... read more..

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