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US Base in the Caspian? How Russia Can Stop Washington’s Meddling in Kazakhstan

TDC Note – Kazakhstan is an important ally to both Russia and China. This tiny country is a member of both the SCO and EEU and smelts most of Russia’s gold. It is also the country that had formal talk... read more..

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Nicolas Cage Criticized by Human Rights Group for Propping Up "Brutal" Kazakh Dictator

The latest Cage meme is no laughing matter, according to the Human Rights Foundation. Photos of Nicolas Cage dressed in traditional, nomadic garb in Astana, Kazakhstan, attending the Eurasia Film F... read more..

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Ex Trump associates helped fugitive Kazakhs in visa scheme

Two former associates of Donald Trump helped a family of wealthy Kazakh fugitives make extensive investments in the United States, some aimed at helping family members obtain legal residency here, a M... read more..


Kazakhstan and Eurasia new oil consortium in a multi-billion Caspian project

In a move presented as glorious and spectacular, oil companies from Russia (Rosneft), China (CNPC), Kazakhstan (Kazmunaygas), Azerbaijan (SOCAR) and Italy (Eni) have teamed up to form a consortium for... read more..

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ReNew eyes Orange's portfolio in $950 million deal to bulk up before IPO

Sumant Sinha led ReNew Power Ventures Pvt Ltd, a Goldman Sachs backed clean energy company -- is in active discussions with Orange Renewable to acquire its portfolio of a little over 600 MW of predomi... read more..

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Lawyer cleared of misappropriation of client funds

'No evidence could be produced to contradict the version of the accused' A lawyer tasked with purchasing property and handling local business affairs on behalf of a foreign couple who intended to t read more..

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Kazakhstan begins new trial of businessman charged with attempted coup d’etat

A new trial of Kazakh businessman Tokhtar Tuleshov began on July 13, in which he is charged with a number of offenses including attempting to overthrow the government, extremism, and illegal weapon po... read more..

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Kazakhstan: Law Narrows Field for Presidential Contenders

Implausible as it might seem, a day will come when Kazakhstan will have a president other than the one now in power. But before Nursultan Nazarbayev departs his throne — however that happens — he h... read more..

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Jehovah's Witnesses in Kazakhstan Fear Repeat of Russia Ban After 'Scary' Crackdown

After operations at its headquarters were suspended last week, Jehovah’s Witnesses in Kazakhstan fear their country’s government is going down the same path as neighboring Russia, where the Christian ... read more..


Copper and the Making of Kazakhstan's New Metal Moguls

Commodity prices have found a “new normal” but copper is doing much better. What seemed to be a widespread disease impacting commodity prices turned out to be a selective virus, against which some ... read more..


Russian Railpolitick and China’s Belt and Road

An old Chinese proverb would be best amended to go something like this: if you want China to be rich, you must first build roads. Unfortunately, a road or railway is useless unless you own and can leg... read more..

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Trump Associate Agrees to Cooperate in International Money Laundering Investigation

A former business associate of President Donald Trump has agreed to cooperate in an international money laundering investigation targeting a Kazakh family whom he helped make real estate deals with Tr... read more..

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It Is In America’s Interest To Keep Kazakhstan Engaged – And On Its Side

This month, Kazakhstan kicked off Astana Expo 2017, the first international exposition to be held in the former Soviet Union. The theme of Astana’s Expo is “Future Energy.” Heads of Asian and European... read more..

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