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Kleptocracy - Rule by thieves: Najib to top wikipedia list when 1MDB counting is all done

Kleptocracy, alternatively cleptocracy or kleptarchy, (from Greek: κλέπτης - kleptēs, "thief" and κράτος - kratos, "power, rule", hence "rule by thieves") is a term applied to a government seen as hav... read more..

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Kazakhstan, Kashagan shareholders agree on production sharing

Kazakhstan and shareholders of Kashagan oil field have signed the rules of sampling oil, gas and sulfur at this field, Kazakhstan’s Energy Ministry said. The sampling rules determine the schedule, st... read more..

Events and opinions

Will the Extremely Boring Twitter Feed of Kazakhstan's Prime Minister Be Enough to Save Him?

The social media accounts of politicians in the former Soviet Union have provided journalists with rich material to work with in recent times. Among the most notable are Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyr... read more..

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Kazakhstan & China: Fear, Loathing and Money

There is an old Kazakh proverb that states: “To be the captive of the Chinese is a tight noose — with the Russians, it is a wide, open road.” The saying is believed to date back to the 18th century, ... read more..

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Kazakhstan: Activists Arrested after Land Protests.

Kazakh authorities should immediately release three activists in western Kazakhstan and drop charges against them, Human Rights Watch said today. The activists face prosecution in retaliation for peac... read more..

Special projects

Neue Tiefschläge gegen kasachische Oligarchen

Wegen Geldwäschevorwürfen fror ein amerikanisches Gericht das Vermögen der beiden kasachischen Oligarchen Muchtar Albjasow und Viktor Chrapunov ein. Ihrer Selbstdarstellung als Oppositionelle mit Asyl... read more..

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Islamist violence and a spate of protests have rattled Kazakhstan’s ruler. Shaking the throne in Central Asia’s biggest country.

A RAMPAGE by gun-toting Islamists in a provincial city has exacerbated an already tense situation in what has generally been the most tranquil of Central Asia’s five post-Soviet states. On June 5th... read more..

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Exclusive - Suspect in Kazakh shooting posted Islamic State-linked video

One of the men blamed by authorities in Kazakhstan for an armed raid on a national guard base, the deadliest attack in the country's history, had posted a video online that was sympathetic to Islamic ... read more..

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Nazarbayev on the Rocks: 'Terror,' 'Coup' Claims Shake Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, the second-largest state of the former Soviet Union, has always stood out for the stability of its political regime. In office since 1989, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev is a champi... read more..

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President says foreign forces trying to destabilise Kazakhstan

The president of Kazakhstan has warned that foreign forces are trying to destabilise the central Asian state, in his first public comments since a shootout between police and gunmen left more than a d... read more..

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