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Oil industry rocked by corruption scandal

The American engineering and construction firm KBR hired Unaoil -- an obscure Monaco-based company now involved in a massive international bribery scandal -- to help it win oil and gas contracts in Ka... read more..

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'Islamic State' a potential threat to Central Asia

Most people immediately think about the Mideast or North Africa when they hear the name "Islamic State." But the terror militia also has an eye on the former Soviet republics in Central Asia. Regio... read more..

Political process

Four Socio-Political Factors That Could Make or Break the Deal for Eurasian Economic Integration after Kyrgyzstan’s Accession

Eurasianism is a sea comprised of many rivers that flow into it.And no sea can subsist without its flows Chingiz Aitmatov. (1928-2008), renowned Soviet and Kyrgyz writer The EEU is a one-year ... read more..

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U.S. Oil Industry Giant Paid Millions To A Company At The Center Of Huge Corruption Scandal

While KBR was being investigated for bribery in Nigeria, it was partnering with a company that bribed officials in Kazakhstan.The American engineering and construction firm KBR hired Unaoil — an obscu... read more..

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Kremlin swings aggressive Pro-Russian separatism in Kazakhstan

Activity analysis of the Pro-Russian movement in Kazakhstan showed significant growth of threats to state sovereignty and to the current leadership of this country, which has emerged in the last year ... read more..

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Western Whitewashing of Kazakhstan's Election

Not only was the recent election more of the same, but Astana seems to have roped the same experts into praising it. If there’s one thing as depressingly predictable as the fact that Kazakhstan’s par... read more..

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After Predictable Elections, Kazakhstan’s Autocrat Ponders Successor

Nursultan Nazarbayev has presided over Kazakhstan since 1989. During that span, the president consolidated his grip on power over the media, the economy, and the political process, amassing a slew of ... read more..

Political process

It’s all in the family for Kazakh politics

Kazakhstan’s ageing President Nursultan Nazarbayev said his oil-rich nation may become a parliamentary republic... but with his daughter at the helm. As reported by Al Jazeera, Nazarbayev, who has ... read more..

Political process

Will Kazakh autocrat's daughter succeed him?

Leader says Asia is about "family relations" not democracy as he vows to turn Kazakhstan into a parliamentary republic.As his party triumphed in a snap parliamentary vote, Kazakhstan's ageing Presiden... read more..


Is The World's Biggest Uranium Producer About To Shock Miners?

Short but ominous note from the world’s largest uranium-producing nation this week. Suggesting that some unpleasant surprises could be coming for the mining sector here.The place is Kazakhstan. Where ... read more..


Modern Kazakhstan needs a modern economy

Akezhan Kazhegeldin analyses the reasons behind the economic crisis in Kazakhstan and proposes some decisive reforms. Over the course of many years the ruling class in Kazakhstan has reconciled itsel... read more..

Political process

Kazakhstan: Rare Protest in Almaty Ahead of Election

A handful of civil society campaigners staged a rare picket in Almaty on March 18, demanding freedom for a political activist sentenced to jail on incitement charges. The protest took place two days ... read more..

Political process

Kazakhstan: Ex-PM’s Graft Sentence Cut on Appeal

A former prime minister of Kazakhstan who was jailed last year in a high-profile corruption case has had his jail sentence reduced on appeal. The case attracted widespread attention in Kazakhstan, ... read more..

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Why Kazakhstan's Alliance with Russia is Stronger than it Looks

On February 3, 2016, Kazakhstan's president Nursultan Nazarbayev made a symbolically powerful decree on how Kazakh soldiers should march during military parades. The abolition of the Soviet goose step... read more..

Political process

Kazakhstan: Election Business Settled Before Crisis Worsens

In many democratic systems, holding legislative elections amid spiraling inflation, a rapidly depreciating currency, sharp contractions in government expenditure and reports of job losses and delayed ... read more..

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Profile: Snap poll called in ex-Soviet republic of Kazahstan

Standing against the current president of Kazakhstan could not, by any measure, be considered a good career move. Since Nursultan Nazarbayev took power just before the country gained its independen... read more..


After Ukraine, Kazakhstan wary of ethnic Russians broaching autonomy

In the city of Kostanay in northern Kazakhstan, the ribbon of St George, a black-and-orange symbol of resurgent Russian patriotism that was adopted by separatists in Ukraine, hangs from every second c... read more..

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Kazakhstan: Pre-Election Rally For Tenge As Central Bank Spends Big

After a precipitous plunge over many months, Kazakhstan’s embattled currency has gained ground in recent weeks. The governor of the central bank has now revealed the reason for the tenge’s sudden ral... read more..

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Chased From Kazakhstan, Hounded in U.S. Courts

Fourteen years have passed since the newsroom Irina Petrushova ran in Kazakhstan was firebombed - shortly after she found the corpse of a decapitated dog at the office and its head outside her house -... read more..

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