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September 2019

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Political process

Mass Arrests Cast Doubt on Rights Reform in Kazakhstan

Since coming to power in June, Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokaev has claimed a desire to accelerate political reforms and improve human rights in the country.  But t read more..


Is China’s Belt And Road Initiative Strategic Genius, Arrogant Overreach Or Something Else?

The Belt and Road Initiative is China’s bold and risky response to internal tensions and external pressure, but it is not backed by an inspiring idea. President Xi Jinping, the modern-day emperor read more..

Events and opinions

Kazakh Prosecutor Calls On Citizens Not To Take Part In 'Illegal' Rallies

The Prosecutor-General's Office has called on citizens not to take part in what it called "illegal" rallies planned by the banned Kazakhstan's Democratic Choice (DVK) movement on September 21. De read more..

Political process

Awakening a new generation of activists in Eurasia

An emerging young, urban population has begun to challenge the lasting legacies of the Soviet era.  A new wave of anti-government mobilization has swept across the Eurasian countries that on read more..

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