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December 2011

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'Blood on Blair's hands': Former PM accused over Kazakhstan role after dictator's bloody purge

Tony Blair has blood on his hands from his 'consultancy' work with the dictator of Kazakhstan, opposition leaders in the former Soviet state claimed last night.   In an open letter, activists... read more..

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Akezhan KAZHEGELDIN: “When we have strong presidential power, the party is like a birdhouse without a bird in it”

The former Prime Minister of Kazakhstan on Rakhat Aliyev's false testimony, the political situation in Russia and what we can expect in Kazakhstan after January 15th   "Novaya Gazeta – Kazakh... read more..

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Make a new plan, Stans

The biggest instability facing the region's dictators is the lack of any mechanism to succeed them   FAR from being at the heart of a happening continent, for much of modern times Central Asi... read more..

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Not-quite-eternal Nursultan. A success story, but the ending is not yet written.

WEEKS of celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence come to a head in Astana, the new capital full of surreal bombast, on December 16th. The 16m-odd citizens of the oil-ric... read more..

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PR company proposed campaign against Sting

A London-based PR firm claimed it was planning to orchestrate a campaign by Kazakh children against the pop singer Sting after he withdrew from a performance in the country.   After Sting can... read more..

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The Massacre Everyone Ignored: Up To 70 Striking Oil Workers Killed In Kazakhstan By US-Supported Dictator

With violence and government crackdowns making headlines from so many familiar parts of the world, there's hardly been a peep in the media about the biggest and ugliest massacre of all: Last Friday in... read more..

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Violence Spreads to a Second Town in Kazakhstan

Violence between striking workers and the authorities in western Kazakhstan spread over the weekend, bringing the death toll to 14, the country's general prosecutor announced on Sunday.   The... read more..

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Akezhan KAZHEGELDIN: “Rakhat Aliyev violated my constitutional rights. I want justice to prevail”

The former Prime Minister of Kazakhstan would like the case of the "former son-in-law of Kazakhstan" to set a precedent and be a lesson for the country as a whole   The Central Asian democrat... read more..

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Could Goga, close friend of Prince Andrew, become the first lady of Kazakhstan?

The Kazakhstan tycoon who bought Prince Andrew's house is being tipped as his country's next president – with glamorous London socialite Goga Ashkenazi as his possible first lady.   There are... read more..

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Wanted man is living in Sliem

A wanted former top Kazakh government official sentenced to imprisonment for various crimes and ordered to pay damages connected with torture is currently living in an apartment in Amery Street, Sliem... read more..

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