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June 2014

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EU missing the boat on Kazakhstan reform

It may not make headlines that the EU and Kazakhstan are upgrading relations, in the form of an enhanced Partnership and Co-operation Agreement (PCA), even as a delegation of government officials prep... read more..

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Reforming health care in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is striving to build a health system that aligns with the global primary care declaration made on its soil three decades ago. Sharmila Devi reports from the capital, Astana. Since the ... read more..


A Theory of Social Change

 This animation grew out of one program officer's desire to articulate a clear, compelling and concise theory of social change--and to share and discuss it with others.   Original so read more..

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The bear on the doorstep and why Kazakhstan fears its hug

A GOLD-CLAD warrior on a white horse trotted through the streets of Pavlodar in Kazakhstan in early June, at the head of a flag-waving procession on its way to a stadium, where thousands of young peop... read more..

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With French-American Radar, Kazakhstan Tries To Escape Russian Dominance

During its big defense expo last month, Kazakhstan announced that it is buying air defense radars from French-American company ThalesRaytheonSystems.       Air defense radars ar... read more..

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Russia Not Giving Up on Football Super League

It appears Russian President Vladimir Putin's imperial ambitions aren't limited to economics and politics. The master of the Kremlin also wants to advance his agenda via sports, namely with the creati... read more..

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North Kazakhstan isn't the next Crimea - yet. Kazakhstan has avoided Ukraine's mistakes and kept its ethnic Russians in the fold.

  This is the first in a two-part series on Kazakhstan focusing on issues of national identity. This installment explores Kazakhstan's relationship with Russia.     PETROPAVLOVSK, read more..

Events and opinions

Samsung C&T to Sell $19 Bil. Electric Power to Kazakh Government

Samsung C&T signed an US$18.8-billion deal to sell electric power generated in a coal-fired thermal power plant in Kazakhstan to the Kazakh government for the next 20 years. This is one of the dea... read more..

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Kazakhstan: A Ban to Beat the Booze

Hard-drinking Kazakhstan is moving to curb alcohol abuse by extending a ban on late-night alcohol sales. The new bill banning retail sales between 9 p.m. and noon was signed into law by President... read more..

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Venable Cuts Ties with Gazprom

Venable cut ties with Gazprom, the Russian gas monopoly used as a political tool by the country's strong man Vladimir Putin, effective March 31. The DC legal/lobbying firm collected $250K durin read more..

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Russia’s neighbours: Primary colours

The emergence of the Eurasian Economic Union raises concerns about growing isolation from the west. In the Palace of Independence in Astana, the post-Soviet capital of Kazakhstan, the three heads... read more..

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Uzbek president slams Russia-led economic union

Uzbekistan's president on Friday criticised a new economic union clinched last month between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, warning of a loss of political independence for the ex-Soviet countries.
 read more..

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Comment is free The CIA's cute first tweet can't cover its bloody tracks

As the agency strives to craft a cuddly new image, we mustn't allow it to whitewash its history of torture and murder. In the latest CIA coup, America's leading spooks have sent the Twittersphere... read more..

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The great game on Central Asia's high plain

There is an old adage in Kazakhstan: "Happiness is multiple pipelines." For the oil-and-gas rich Caspian country, keeping up good relations with a handful of customers -- namely, Russia, China, a... read more..

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Kazakh president’s arch-foe arrested in Vienna

Rakhat Aliyev, the Kazakh president's former son-in-law, has been detained in Austria while under investigation for alleged crimes including murder and running a crime network in the Central Asian cou... read more..


‘The Secret World of Oil’, by Ken Silverstein

  Ken Silverstein's 'The Secret World of Oil' explores a murky business on which the west depends. Oil is the world's most important traded commodity. It powers our cars and drives our indu read more..

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