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Political process

Opposition Candidate Calls for Democratic Reforms in Kazakhstan

Amirzhan Kosanov, the lone opposition candidate in Kazakhstan’s June 9 presidential election, took the opportunity of Wednesday’s televised debate to demand democratic reforms in the Central Asian n read more..

Events and opinions

‘You can't run from the truth': Iconic art protests preface Kazakh presidential vote

 Kazakhstan's young, creative class 'wakes up' – will the rest follow? Art imitates life, and then life returns the favour a thousand times. The Kafka-esque capacities of the Kazakh state t read more..


A Half-Open Gate to Hell

 With Wojciech Górecki about the Russian-Chinese game, Moscow’s strategy and about preventing burano talks Małgorzata Schwarzgruber. They say that he who rules Central Asia, rules half of th read more..


Report says Human Rights NGO Open Dialogue Foundation “suspected of cooperating with Russian intelligence”

The area around the Lubyanka, the headquarters of Russia's intelligence services - the FSB - in Moscow. A recent report accuses the controversial human rights NGO Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF), read more..

Events and opinions

Kazakhstan: Press freedom missing from agenda of media talking shop

 While media gurus chat, the internet has taken a dive When international journalists gather for Kazakhstan’s annual Eurasian Media Forum, they can expect lively wide-ranging debates ab read more..

Events and opinions

Anti-government protests cast a shadow over Kazakhstan's glitzy economic forum

The Astana Economic Forum addressed all the issues expected of an international summit: inclusivity, sustainability, security, change. But outside the conference hall, cracks seemed to be appearing read more..


Mueller Probed Cohen Ties to Oligarch’s Cousin, Filings Show

President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, communicated more than 1,000 times by text and telephone over eight months with the chief executive of a U.S. money-management firm with ties t read more..

Events and opinions

Police in Kazakhstan inadvertently become conceptual artists

Aslan Sagutdinov had a hunch. The authorities in Kazakhstan are so intolerant of dissent, he reasoned, that it does not really matter what protesters write on their placards. A dissident with not read more..


How China is redrawing the map of world science

The Belt and Road Initiative, China’s mega-plan for global infrastructure, will transform the lives and work of tens of thousands of researchers. On a freezing November morning, Ashraf Islam is 3 read more..

Events and opinions

Kazakh Protesters Detained As Websites Go Dark

Police in Kazakhstan have detained several antigovernment protesters who staged demonstrations during ceremonies to mark the 74th anniversary of the Allied victory against Nazi Germany in World War read more..


A Man in Kazakhstan Held Up a Blank Sign to See if He’d Be Detained. He Was.

 To test the limits of his right to peacefully demonstrate in Kazakhstan, Aslan Sagutdinov, 22, stood in a public square holding a blank sign, predicting he would be detained. He was right. read more..


The Trump Organization’s problem with possible money laundering

From Azerbaijan to Indonesia, Kazakhstan to the Republic of Congo, allegedly corrupt foreign officials have parked their money in Trump buildings time and again. Over the past two decades, invest read more..


Central Asian states plan ‘silk visa’ in bid to revive trade

 Region known for mutual hostility and glacial change shows signs of opening up Not long ago, the nations of Central Asia were planting landmines along their shared borders. Now they plan a read more..

Political process

Kazakhstan registers opposition politician to run for president

A prominent opposition politician and journalist on Monday won his bid to challenge a trusted ally of strongman Nursultan Nazarbayev in Kazakhstan’s presidential polls next month. The central ele read more..


Mukhtar Ablyazov: the net tightens on the fugitive oligarch in Russia, US, and European Parliament

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office recently approved an indictment against Mukhtar Ablyazov, former head of Kazakhstan-based BTA Bank, who is accused of embezzling 58 billion rubles ($1,8 billi read more..


Russian-tied Trump Tower lobbyist and GOP operative lobbying for Kazakh fugitive

A Russian-tied lobbyist who attended the notorious Trump Tower meeting and a longtime GOP operative are teaming up to lobby on behalf of a Kazakh fugitive alleged to have stolen millions from the Ce read more..


One Part of the World Fears China’s Growing Power

 Beijing's money comes with strings attached. The Second Belt and Road Forum, which ran from 25 to 27 April in Beijing, showcased China’s progress with its Belt and Road Initiative and also read more..

Political process

Kazakhstan: Anti-government rallies signal emboldened protest mood

 Frustrations have been bolstered by perceptions that crucial national decisions are being made without the general population being consulted. Peaceful anti-government demonstrations in a f read more..

Political process

What happens to Kazakhstan’s dictatorship now that its dictator has quit?

Nursultan Nazarbayev, the only leader Kazakhstan had known since the country gained independence nearly 30 years ago, resigned March 19. During his televised announcement, the longtime autocrat read more..

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