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March 2020

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Demise of the Petrostates

The oil price crash is an existential threat to petrostates from Nigeria to Iran, where governments rely on oil wealth to stabilize power and pay off competing interests. The epic collapse in the read more..


Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev family’s luxury UK assets come to light

 The ex-president's daughter and grandson hold $103 million in real estate assets in London. The vast riches accrued by Kazakhstan’s ruling Nazarbayev family is coming under an awkward level read more..


U.K. Takes Fight To Kazakhstan’s Wealthy Elite Over Unexplained ‘Billionaires’ Row’ Mansion

A mansion owned by Nurali Aliyev, the grandson of Kazakhstan’s former President Nursultan Nazarbayev has been “frozen” by the U.K.’s High Court after the second use of a so-called ‘McMafia’ Wealth O read more..


Nurali Aliyev: the man being groomed for power

Nurali Aliyev, 35, was born into a family that has ruled Kazakhstan, an oil-rich former Soviet republic in Central Asia, with an iron fist for three decades.  His grandfather is Nursultan Na read more..


Plush London homes 'were bought with McMafia cash'

Millions of pounds extorted by a former Kazakh police chief via “old school post-Soviet raids involving murder” were used to buy three London homes, a court was told yesterday.   The pr read more..

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