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September 2014

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Aliyev claims Kazakh regime ‘infiltrated Maltese courts’

Aliyev is currently in an Austrian jail as the authorities consider whether he is really responsible for the murder of two bankers whose bodies were found in 40-gallon oil drums.   Over the p... read more..

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Patience pays off in Kazakhstan

When Canada established diplomatic relations with Kazakhstan in 1992, Saskatchewan uranium giant Cameco Corp. arrived the same year to pursue ties with the resourcerich former Soviet state.   read more..

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Ukraine War, Putin’s Comments Stir Worry in Kazakhstan

At a summer camp north of Moscow attended by youth vetted and groomed by Kremlin-sponsored organizations, Russian President Vladimir Putin was warmly welcomed when he visited recently, taking question... read more..

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Photographs by Nadav Kander reveal Kazakhstan's nuclear past

  The devastating consequences of the Soviet Union's nuclear past are slowly being uncovered – particularly in Kazakhstan           The name Kurchatov is not imm read more..

Events and opinions

The KGB's Successor Is Using Forged Documents To Deceive The West

A once-feared KGB general now sits on suicide watch in a Vienna jail, a tawdry end to terrible tale. His strange story—worthy of a thriller—is a case study of how the former KGB uses forged document read more..

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