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Following in the footsteps of Tony Blair: Kazakhstan has been lucrative for UK businessmen since the former PM cultivated its President

The cafés and market stalls on the streets of Almaty are rather bleak affairs. Many have just a few goods on display and, with the exception of outstanding cheesecake, what they do show off rarely loo... read more..

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Kazakhstan report: When oligarchs and dictators came to London

  Six months ago this week, the Eurasian Natural Resources Company slunk away from the London Stock Exchange. Rarely has a City star so quickly dimmed. Its exit was the culmination of a ser read more..

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Ahead of torture complaint, Aliyev claims Kazakh agents in Malta

Multi-millionaire exile Rakhat Aliyev is now in Greece. Ahead of police challenge to investigate Kazakh on torture allegations against him, Aliyev's lawyers claim police was assisted by Kazakh secret ... read more..

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Which Former Soviet State Could Be the Next Ukraine?

The continuing crisis in Ukraine has everyone wondering whether Putin will strike elsewhere in the post-Soviet space next. Russia has so far justified its actions by saying that it has an obligation t... read more..

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Plaza board sues to evict Kazakhstan president’s nephew

  Nazarbayev owes $132K in back fees on $20M condo in hotel, suit claims. The condominium board at the Plaza hotel is suing the nephew of the president of Kazakhstan for allegedly paying no buil read more..

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Soros aggression abroad exposed for all to see by his henchmen

Billionaire is destabilizing Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan?       Perhaps not since the days of Prince Klemens von Metternich and Mayer Amschel ... read more..

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Kazakh dissident loses UK refugee status after David Cameron’s trade mission - sparking claims the Government is attempting to curry favour with the oil-rich country

  Lawyers for Mukhtar Ablyazov say the PM viewed the case as a stumbling-block to closer ties with the repressive central Asian republic. The Home Office is revoking the refugee status of a read more..

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Kazakhstan Opposition Fears Ukraine's "Russian Spring"

Many Kazakhs worry about Moscow's annexation of Crimea and what it means for their own country's relations with Russia. Russia's invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea have alarmed the ranks of ... read more..

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Authorities poised to cut all communications at drop of hat

  Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation. Kazakhstan's nervous regime is becoming more and more repressive. President Nursultan Na read more..

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Victims of Former Kazakh Ambassador in Austria Appeal to OSCE for Support

 Authorities of Austria and Malta must order a thorough investigation of the crimes which Rakhat Aliyev is alleged to have committed when he was in charge of the secret police under his read more..

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Former Kazakh banker wins appeal against extradition from France

Mukhtar Ablyazov, a fugitive former Kazakh banker and political activist, has won his appeal against a decision by a French court to extradite him to Russia. France's Court of Cassation on Wednes... read more..

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Court overturns ex-banker's extradition to Russia

  France's top appeals court on Wednesday overturned a decision to extradite a former Kazakh banker whose dual roles as opposition leader and fugitive from justice led to legal cases in four cou read more..

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What the Former Soviet States Are Thinking About Russia. In the west, all is not good in the neighborhood. In the east, it's a different story.

  With no evidence that Russia has any plans to withdraw its troops from the border of Ukraine, some former Soviet states are worried about their own regional security. Farther east, other count read more..

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Kazakh President’s Daughter Promoted to Top Position in Comeback

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev's eldest daughter Dariga will lead her father's party faction in parliament and become the legislature's deputy speaker, marking her comeback from the political s... read more..

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Kazakhstan: Ex-Premier Makes Comeback in Choreographed Reshuffle

  A reshuffle in Kazakhstan has brought a veteran insider back to lead the government amid fears of trouble on the domestic and international fronts. President Nursultan Nazarbayev reappoin read more..

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U.S. "fundamentally stands" with Central Asia on independence after Crimea

  The United States will "fundamentally stand" with post-Soviet Central Asian nations to protect their territorial integrity and independence, a senior U.S. official said on Wednesday, sending a read more..


How a Giant Kazakh Oil Project Went Awry

  Developed by Western Oil Companies, Giant Project Off Kazakhstan Is Years Late, More Than $30 Billion Over Budget. Kazakh workers were recuperating from the frigid temperatures of the Cas read more..

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