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Global Insights: Fair Election Key to Kazakhstan's Future

Kazakhstan's oil and gas reserves, as well as its pivotal location, make it of strategic importance to the United States and its allies. But in the run-up to Kazakhstan's presidential election later t... read more..

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ANALYSIS-Successor question looms after Kazakh election

* Successor choice -- "old guard" versus new managers? * Nazarbayev to retain power * Nazarbayev's stability appeals to Western investors ALMATY, March 28 (Reuters) - When he secures another five read more..

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Aliyev stirs up Kazakhs with land-lease claim

Kazakhstani people are generally not prone to air their political views in public. This is partly due to apathy, a fact regularly deplored by activists, and to some extent to fear of what the conseque... read more..

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Kazakh homeowners hold rare large-scale protest

ALMATY, Kazakhstan (AP) — Several hundred people rallied Tuesday near Kazakhstan's presidential palace to urge the government to assist homeowners battling repossessions, and a few dozen were detained... read more..

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Now Blair and Andrew have a mutual interest

The Duke of York is not alone in his fondness for Kazakhstan, the country whose president's son-in-law bought his hideous house, Sunninghill, for £3 million above the asking price. The gold-digge... read more..

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Andy's femme fatale fixer: Duke of York's close friend has love child by a despot's son-in-law and went wolf-hunting with Saif Gaddafi

Dogged by his controversial friendship with billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein — not to mention his connections with despotic regimes from Libya to Azerbaijan — Prince Andrew knew just who to tu... read more..

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Five Kazakhs on Forbes billionaires list

(SRI) - Five Kazakh businessmen, led by Kazakhmys chairman Vladimir Kim, have made this year's Forbes list of world billionaires. Kim, the 50-year old head and largest shareholder of Kazakh coppe read more..

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Kazakhstan: Turnout Looms as Biggest Presidential Election Question

President Nursultan Nazarbayev is expecting to face three weak challengers in a snap election on April 3, a contest that he is certain to win. The biggest question surrounding the upcoming election is... read more..

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Kazakh opposition launches 'Don't Vote' campaign

Kazakhstan's leading opposition party will on Friday launch a nationwide campaign urging people not to vote in the forthcoming presidential election. As the campaign starts without a genuine riva... read more..

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Kazakh president pushing ENRC and Kazakhmys into 'People's IPOs'

Kazakhstan's president is pushing FTSE 100 miners Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation (ENRC) and Kazakhmys into listing some of their shares on the country's stock exchange in growing signs of stat... read more..

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Duke of York risks losing ambassador role because of Timur Kulibayev and Saif Gaddafi

Let us imagine, for a moment, that Britain's special representative for international trade and investment is not Prince Andrew. Would that person still be in the job if he behaved as the fourth ... read more..

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Transactions suspectes du clan Nazarbaïev en Suisse

Des documents, mis en circulation par des ennemis politiques du clan au pouvoir au Kazakhstan, montrent que des centaines de millions, qui auraient été blanchis par le gendre du président, auraient tr... read more..

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