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Kazakh port in decline bids for slice of China trade

With the outlines of its six idle cranes obscured by thick fog and pouring rain, Kazakhstan's Caspian seaport Aktau seems an unlikely stop on China's much-hyped new silk road. But the sleepy port, ... read more..


After Cohen/Manafort, we're (still) only at the beginning of #TrumpRussia

Just as a reminder of how far we’ve come, and have so much further to go in #TrumpRussia. And Mueller’s following the money is a specialty of the FBI/DoJ. Even as there’s Cohen’s recording of Tru read more..


Brian Oliver: Kazakhstan should drop potentially disastrous legal threat to weightlifting - but are they big enough to do it?

Headlines around the world described Ilya Ilyin as a "horse-meat powered Kazakh" after he won his second Olympic gold medal at London 2012. Ilyin had told reporters that his low-fat diet of horse read more..


Paul Manafort went to Kyrgyzstan to 'strengthen Russia's position'

Investigation claims former Trump campaign chair promoted Russian interests Paul Manafort, whose work as a political consultant in Russia and Ukraine led to his conviction in a Virginia courtroom o... read more..


London Laundromat

A device that was meant to force rich investors to be more transparent has become the latest symptom of Britain’s addiction to secrecy and dirty money When a minister promises to bring the full for... read more..

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Kazakh Who Allegedly Laundered Money Through Trump Tower Ordered to Pay Bank Back

A British high court ruled Thursday that Ilyas Khrapunov, the son of the former mayor of the Kazakh city of Almaty, conspired with the former chairman of the Kazakh bank BTA to swindle over $6 billion... read more..

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Kremlin ‘sleeper agents’ in Poland and Ukraine: report

Pro-Russian sentiments play a key role in today's reality, Ukraine’s Antikor anticorruption portal has said in its report into the Ukrainian head of a Polish NGO who was recently expelled from the Sch... read more..

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Do Central Asian leaders use ISIL threats for political gain?

Analysts say opposition is purged in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan whenever there is a perceived threat. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) last month claim... read more..

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Xi Jinping’s Path for China

Since assuming power, Chinese President Xi Jinping has taken many steps to reshape his country, de-emphasizing growth to build a more sustainable economy and engaging in more proactive diplomacy. He h... read more..


From Cork with love: Kazakh hotelier routes €228m to Russia through Irish firms

Hotelier’s transactions via Cork highlight how oligarchs funnel millions through Irish companies to Russia Three Cork-based companies were used by a Kazakh billionaire to route €228m to Moscow to p... read more..

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New evidence emerges of China forcing Muslims into ‘reeducation’ camps

First-of-its-kind courtroom testimony here has corroborated allegations that the Chinese government has built a network of internment camps in western China where Muslim minorities are held without read more..

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