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October 2016

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A Lavish Life for the Widow of Gangster Rakhat Aliyev

Το, λόγω του διεθνούς ενδιαφέροντος και της έρευνας που βρίσκεται σε εξέλιξη σε αρκετές χώρες, δημοσιεύει το ρεπορτάζ με τίτλο «Στη χλιδή η χήρα του γκάνγκστερ» και στην αγγλική γλώσσα. Διαβ... read more..

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Rakhat Aliyev drama still playing out in Malta

The drama over the assets of the Kazakh secret service head found guilty of two murders, who has been dead since last year, continues The former head of Kazakhstan’s secret service, Rakhat Aliyev, ... read more..

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For journalists battling censorship, focus on people, not politics

I’m a trainer and adviser at Kazakh TV, a government-funded station whose primary purpose is to broadcast 100 percent in the Kazakh language.Like other government-controlled stations, Kazakh TV is loc... read more..

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Kazakh Oligarch’s Fugitive Brother-in-Law Granted EU Refugee Status

Lithuania has granted refugee status to one of the fugitive brothers-in-law of Kazakh billionaire Mukhtar Ablyazov, reported Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL). Syrym Shalabayev’s sister is A... read more..

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Trial begins for two land rights activists in Kazakhstan

On October 12, a hearing against two prominent activists began in Atyrau, the oil capital of Kazakhstan. Max Bokaev and Talgat Ayan were arrested just after the first major rally against an unpopular ... read more..


Dirty money: Trump and the Kazakh connection.

Ever since a series of bankruptcies left banks unwilling to lend to him, Donald Trump has been on the lookout for partners willing to fund the buildings that bear his name. Over the years... read more..


From Almaty to Soho: Did a Kazakh Oligarch Launder Money Through a Trump Property?

A Financial Times investigation picks through the murky path from the former mayor of Almaty to Trump Soho. There is a lot to unpack from the Financial Times’ investigation, which broke today linking... read more..

Terror in Kazakhstan!

Overwhelmingly Religious Young Behind Islamization And Radicalization In Kazakhstan – OpEd

“Almost 90 percent of the leaders of Kazakhstan youth consider themselves believers, with 86 percent of them professing Islam,” according to a survey conducted by sociologist Madina Nurgaliyeva and le... read more..

Terror in Kazakhstan!

The Coming of the Russian Jihad: Part I

On June 28, three suicide bombers entered the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, where they killed 45 people and injured 229. Although only one of the terrorist was from Russia (the other two were Uzbek and... read more..


The Oil Crash Nightmare For Kazakhstan

The latest meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in Algeria, on September 28, brought some relief to producers, with the price of oil finally trading above $50 per barrel... read more..

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Russia’s New Threat to Belarus and Kazakhstan

The threat of a Russian attack on Belarus and Kazakhstan may be among the greatest challenges of the new president’s first term. A key aim of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy is to e... read more..


Plaza Apartment at Center of Bitter Family Feud Hits Market for $17.9 Million

A Kazakh tycoon—and brother of the president of Kazakhstan—is looking at a couple million dollar loss The brother of the president of Kazakhstan put a Plaza Hotel condo at the heart of a nasty feud... read more..

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Regardless Of What Beijing Says, The New Silk Road Is Not Chinese

The New Silk Road, the emerging network of economic corridors stretching from China to Europe, is often referred to as a Chinese undertaking, Chinese economic diplomacy and geopolitical positioning — ... read more..

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Good Riddance? Tony Blair Parts Ways With Kazakstan

Blair’s 5-year tenure with Kazakhstan led the former PM to become Astana’s most outspoken defender in the West. Late last month, the Kazakhstani government learned that its greatest advocate in the... read more..

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Possible reason behind Nazarbayev’s illness

The visit of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev to the South Caucasus region has been postponed because of his cold-related disease. The press-service of the Kazakh president issued a message abou... read more..

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Campaigners urge Kazakhstan to free activists facing trial over land reform protests

Two Kazakh land rights activists who are due to go on trial over their involvement in public protests against land reforms in the Central Asian nation are facing unfounded criminal charges and should ... read more..

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Father and son jailed for embezzlement in Kazakhstan media trial

The head of Kazakhstan's national journalists' union was sentenced to six years in prison on Monday after being convicted of embezzlement and tax evasion along with his son, in a case condemned by pre... read more..

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