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April 2013

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SOS Kazakhstan: Alarm bells are raised as religious freedom is denied

  The “Church of Silence” is still a reality in this former Soviet country, where faithful still face repression. From Stalin’s gulags to censored books. “Religious freedom is non-existent” read more..

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EDITOR'S BLOG: Russia has serious reputation issues

    It's been a busy month for Russians in our news. From Berezovsky, to the younger Abramovich to the mess of miner ENRC...           Latest Stories from read more..

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Boston Bombers CIA and Prince Andrew Connections

  The uncle of Boston's two Tsarnaev brothers worked for the CIA-front organisation called USAID.           Was Boston Bombers 'Uncle Ruslan' with the CIA? &nbs read more..

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Kazakhstan: Big Brother Monitoring Overseas Students

  Kazakhstan's Education Ministry has enlisted the secret police to monitor students studying abroad on a government-sponsored scholarship program. The KNB, successor to the Soviet-era KGB, will read more..

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Journalist kritisiert Rückschritte bei Pressefreiheit

  Die Pressefreiheit ist in Kasachstan in den vergangenen Jahren stetig eingeschränkt worden. "Vor fünf Jahren gab es noch unabhängige nationale Medien", sagt der Journalist Lukpan Achmedja read more..

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The pop star and the opera singer: daughters of Soviet-era dictators emerge as contenders

  THEY are the last survivors of the Soviet era: two ageing, possibly ailing, dictators clinging to power in Central Asia, warily embraced by the West despite their disregard for human rights an read more..

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