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Kazakhstan censors coverage of Eurasian Economic Union Summit

The Kazakh authorities did everything possible to prevent journalists spoiling the party when President Nursultan Nazarbayev received his Russian and Belarusian counterparts, Vladimir Putin and Aleksa... read more..

Events and opinions

Ukraine's empty seat at table darkens party for Putin's new ex-Soviet bloc

Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed Kazakhstan and Belarus on Thursday into a new Eurasian Economic Union built to rival the United States, EU and China - but the absence of Ukraine undermined read more..

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Putin builds new union on ashes of Soviet empire

It won't exactly mean going back to the USSR, but Vladimir Putin is laying the foundations of a huge trading bloc which opponents see as an attempt to recreate at least part of the lost Soviet empire.... read more..

Events and opinions

Nobody wants to host the Winter Olympics

Associated Press reports that, facing public opposition and allegations of official corruption, Krakow, Poland, is withdrawing its bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. It follows Stockholm, which pul... read more..

Events and opinions

Rakhat Aliyev travels through Europe in private jets

As Austrian media „Die Kronen Zeitung" is reporting, the former Kazakh Ambassador to Austria and the International Institutions Rakhat Aliyev - European crime units investigate against him on charges ... read more..

Events and opinions

Kazakhstan: Anti-Eurasian Activists Interrogated Over Russian Nationalist Plot

Two prominent activists lobbying against Kazakhstan's membership in the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) – due to be created next week – have been hauled in for interrogation by Kazakhstan's d... read more..

Events and opinions

Kazakhs battle to stave off chill blowing in from Russian steppe

It is after 8pm and Kazakhstan's parliament in the futuristic capital of Astana is practically deserted. Yet Bakytzhan Sagintayev, first deputy prime minister, is still hard at work. A few minute... read more..

Events and opinions

First ladies enjoy Chinese culture

When 60-year-old Su Huiping, a Shanghai embroidery artist, put a nearly invisible silk thread through the tiny eye of a needle, a group of distinguished observers couldn't help but marvel.   &n... read more..

Events and opinions

Customs Disunion. Putin's Plans for Regional Integration Go Boom.

On April 29, after months of anticipation, the presidents of Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Russia met in Minsk to put the finishing touches on the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), an ambitious plan to unite ... read more..

Events and opinions

Russia, Seeking Support On Ukraine, Not Finding Much From Allies

  Russian President Vladimir Putin convened an "informal" summit of his allies in the Collective Security Treaty Organization last week as Moscow faced continued international isolation over its read more..

Events and opinions

NATO Plants Flag In Uzbekistan

NATO formally opened its liaison office in Uzbekistan on Friday, a year after it started working and amid heightened Russian rhetoric about the western alliance encroaching on its backyard.   &... read more..

Events and opinions

Kazakhstan: Is US Lawsuit Against Ex-Mayor Selective Justice?

  The municipality of Almaty is suing Viktor Khrapunov, a former mayor and a foe of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, in the United States, accusing him of having "systematically looted" millions read more..

Events and opinions

Kazakhstan and the EEU: the rise of Eurasian scepticism

As in Europe, scepticism towards regional integration is on the rise in Kazakhstan. And just like the Old Continent, Astana is learning to play this to its advantage...        ... read more..

Events and opinions

Is Putin’s Eurasian Vision Losing Steam?

  Victory Day on May 9 was an occasion for Russians to indulge in patriotic flag waving in Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin used the previous day to muster a show of diplomatic support f read more..

Events and opinions

Kazakhstan May Be the Next Ukraine

  After a lapse of more than a century, the Great Game has begun again — in Kiev of all places. In the 19th century, the Great Game was the rivalry between the British and Russian empires f read more..

Events and opinions

Aliyev associate arrested over money laundering investigation

  American citizen Alexander Narodetsky was questioned by Maltese police. A journalist and former director of Radio Free Europe in Kiev was arrested in connection with criminal investigatio read more..

Events and opinions

Judge urges no arrest for ex-wife of Kazakh president’s brother

  A Manhattan judge ordered the president of Kazakhstan's brother to provide assurances that his ex-wife will not be re-arrested when she flies home after finalizing a lopsided settlement agreem read more..

Events and opinions

Close friend confirms Aliyev is no longer in Malta

Family friend of former son-in-law of Kazakh dictator says Aliyev is no longer on the island. Questioned about the whereabouts of the former deputy head of the Kazakh secret service Rakhat Aliyev... read more..

Events and opinions

Very much likely that Aliyev left Malta on a private plane

  It is very much likely that the deputy head of the Kazakh secret service Rakhat Aliyev left Malta on a private plane, Inspector Raymond Aquilina told the Court of Magistrates.     read more..

Special projects

Kazakh Company Led by Nazarbayev Grandson Dropped From IPO Plan

  Kazakhstan dropped AO Transtelecom, the provider of phone and Internet services headed by President Nursultan Nazarbayev's grandson, from its list of state-run companies slated for sale throug read more..

Events and opinions

The New Asian Fusion. China's two silk roads help forge closer cooperation among CICA members.

It is now unquestionable that the Asia-Pacific region is becoming the global economic center of the 21st century, currently accounting for 57 percent of global GDP. However, severe security problems r... read more..

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