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March 2022

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Kazakhstan’s Oil Meets a Caspian Chokepoint

Much of the oil produced in Kazakhstan transits through a pipeline across Russia, which now has shrunk output for a variety of reasons. After the Russian government started a war in Ukraine in la read more..

Political process

How Kazakhstan society is divided over the Russia-Ukraine war

In Kazakhstan, where a Soviet past still lingers, there are clear generational divides in opinion towards Putin’s invasion As Russia’s catastrophic war against Ukraine wages for a fourth week, Ka read more..


Not just Russian oligarchs: Britain must block Kazakhstan’s kleptocrats from securing a safe haven

Long synonymous with Sherlock Holmes, the building at 221B Baker Street in London now represents a tragic irony: The fictional crime-fighter’s address has been linked to the kleptocratic regime of N read more..

Political process

Turkmenistan’s dynastic transfer of power has a twist

Turkmenistan’s transition ushers in a new hybrid model of governance, but its entrenched authoritarian system and all-pervasive kleptocracy is unlikely to change. As Russia launched a full-scale read more..

Political process

Russia-Ukraine war recasts Turkish policies and priorities

Erdogan sees opportunity in Ukraine crisis, including enhanced global role and dramatic reset in ties with Israel, as he weighs next steps in Libya and elections next year. Erdogan: Turkey will l read more..


Lessons Learned From the Kazakhstan Crisis

What are the lessons and the likely consequences of the recent crisis in Kazakhstan for the country itself, for Central Asia, and for Russia’s role in the region? The violence that rocked Kazakhs read more..


Yacht justice: A new front in the war drags Russia’s oligarchs into the spotlight

From the hillsides above Barcelona, the superyacht looked like a building. The titanic vessel, christened Dilbar in 2016, was often docked at Port Vell, dwarfing the Barcelona aquarium nex read more..

Political process

The wider implications of the attempted coup in Kazakhstan

President Tokayev’s deadly suppression of the January 2022 uprising has sidelined ex-leader Nursultan Nazarbayev, left China wary and strengthened Russia’s hand. In a nutshell President Tokaye read more..


Column: War In Ukraine Spells Disaster For Central Asia

In a world of economic interdependence, sanctioning Russia will likely prove more globally destabilizing than policymakers realize. To be effective, the West needs to look to vulnerable Russia-depen read more..


How Western firms quietly enabled Russian oligarchs

Behind a set of imposing metal doors in an easy-to-miss office building in a New York City suburb, a small team manages billions of dollars for a Russian oligarch. For years, a group of wealthy R read more..

Political process

Central Asian countries now have two big worries about Russia

  Moscow has seen little support this week from these countries. To the east of the conflict in Ukraine, none of the former Soviet republics in Central Asia has jumped to support Moscow’ read more..

Hyperborei YouTube channel 

Akezhan Kazhegeldin: Kazakhstanis do not need handouts, but a return of their own money

There is a past that does not need to be buried - it needs to be dealt with, Akezhan Kazhegeldin believes. On events with no statute of limitations, from the executions of the first real Kazakh read more..

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