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What does Crimea mean for Kazakhstan oil?

  Should EU and US sanctions hit Russian energy exports, Kazakhstan will suffer collateral damage via their participation in a regional oil pipeline consortium, according to Oil & Energy Ins read more..

Events and opinions

U.S. to stress support for Central Asia after Crimea

A senior U.S. official will travel to two countries in Central Asia next week to emphasize U.S. support for the independence of post-Soviet states after Russia's annexation of Crimea. Assistant S... read more..

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As Kiev looks West, Putin turns east to build Eurasian dream

  Central Asian states have responded to the events in Ukraine by staying silent or issuing cautiously worded statements. With his biggest prize escaping his grasp in Ukraine, Vladimir Pu read more..

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Aliyev’s torture accusations back in court

Rakhat Aliyev's name is back in a Maltese court even though he may be thousands of miles away in some other country. This is because two former bodyguards have launched a fresh challenge for the Polic... read more..

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Beyond Crimea: The Places Russia Experts Say You Should Watch Next

The top man at NATO has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of an outrageous push to redraw the world map. The U.N. secretary-general warned darkly on Thursday that small incidents can "quickly l... read more..

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Kazakhstan president’s kin goes to war over Plaza pad

  The brother of the president of Kazakhstan is asking a Manhattan judge to force a settlement that would strip his ex-wife of a $20 million Plaza pad — even though she negotiated the deal while read more..

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Putin’s imperial hangover

President Vladimir Putin's impulsive incursion into Ukrainian territory has left Russia more isolated than at any time since the Cold War. Predictably, the European Union and the United States have lo... read more..

Events and opinions

Red Herring: Legality of Russian Expansionism Isn't the Real Issue

This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin pulled off a rigged referendum in which an overwhelming majority of Crimean voters chose union with the Russian Federation. But his victory is far from comp... read more..

Events and opinions

The annexation of Crimea opens a new world order

  On March 12, Mustafa Dzhemilev, a leading figure among the ethnic Crimean Tatars, had a long conversation over the phone with Vladimir Putin. No doubt, they talked about the referendum that wa read more..

Events and opinions

Millions frozen in Kazakh exile’s assets in Malta

Austrian lawyer Gabriel Lansky is hunting down one-time oligarch Rakhat Aliyev, although it is unsure whether the Kazakh millionaire is still in Malta. The Kazakh exile Rakhat Aliyev could have h... read more..

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Events in Ukraine point up local rulers’ frailties—and they know it

  CORROSIVE corruption, submissive courts, poverty lapping at the gates of presidential palaces: the parallels between the regimes of Central Asia's autocrats and that of the fallen Ukrainian pr read more..

Events and opinions

Putin's Targets: Will eastern Ukraine and northern Kazakhstan be next?

  The Russian government tells the world that the Russian-speaking people of Ukraine need to be protected. The de facto annexation of Crimea has occurred. A logical and necessary step from Putin read more..

Political process

Why Kazakhstan and Belarus are watching Crimea very, very carefully

For most former Soviet states, the consensus about Russia's overtures in Crimea is very simple: It's bad. Georgia, itself on the receiving end of Russia's military in 2008, isn't too pleased, wit... read more..

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The Front Lines on Russia's Home Front. Vladimir Putin didn't invade Ukraine because he could. He did it because he had to.

In every country, all truly important foreign-policy choices are, at their core, ultimately about domestic politics. And it's not just about creating a "rally 'round the flag" effect, or distracting read more..


Ukraine crisis heaping more risk onto tricky Kazakh devaluation

On February 11, Kazakhstan's central bank devalued the national currency, the tenge, by 19 percent against the US dollar. It said the gradual decrease of the US Federal Reserve's stimulus program had ... read more..

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Ukrainian scenario may repeat in other CIS countries, experts say

  The situation in Ukraine has increased the internal tension in the CIS and will complicate the relations between its member countries, Russian political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin told Rosbalt (w read more..

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Putin's Presidency-IV: Obama sweating blood?

In 1918, US President Woodrow Wilson said that for one year he had been "sweating blood" under the Russian question. According to Woodrow Wilson: A Life for World Peace, he wrote to the House: "I ha read more..

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How Central is Central Asia?

  As illustrated by recent events in Ukraine, the post-Soviet space is still undergoing significant economic and political transformations. After the Soviet Union collapsed, the world welcomed 1 read more..

Events and opinions

Russia-Ukraine Crisis Alarms Central Asian Strongmen

  The Russia-Ukraine crisis is having a profoundly unsettling effect on authoritarian-minded governments in Central Asia. On the one hand, they are keen to keep the forces unleashed by the Eurom read more..


Bodyguards ask courts to force Aliyev torture investigation

Two Kazakh nationals have made a renewed police challenge, to ask the Maltese law courts to investigate their accusations of torture against Kazakh exile Rakhat Aliyev, who resides in Malta. De read more..

Events and opinions

Poland First Loser of Crimea Standoff

  Given its proximity to Russia and Ukraine, Poland could run several risks and find some opportunities related to the on-going standoff in Crimea. On Monday, Polskie Gornictwo Naftowe i Ga read more..

Events and opinions

Kyrgyzstan: The Next Ukraine?

  Kyrgyzstan was once known for its Tulip Revolution, a name the followed the trend of color-coded revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine. The ouster of the corrupt regime of President Askar Akaye read more..

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