February 26, 2021

Political process

Will Biden take on neglected Caucasus and Central Asia?

Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev meets with then-Vice President Joe Biden in 2016. (photo: president.az)

Following Trump’s erratic approach, Biden’s team of experienced pros are expected to try to reengage the region. Will they be able to?

Kazakhstan's ruling party cements its grip on parliament

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Kazakhstan's ruling party has cemented its grip on parliament in the opposition-free election, officials said Monday.

Kazakhstan: Nervous authorities keep election observers at arm’s length

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Even though there is no danger of independent parties getting into parliament, authorities fear renewed protests.

Georgian opposition starts uniting ahead of fall elections

Trilling Demonstrations in Tbilisi

Georgia’s opposition has formed a united front for the upcoming parliamentary vote, as it attempts to regain its footing after the ruling party got a boost from its response to the coronavirus pandemic.

After Nazarbaev: A Review Of Kazakh President Toqaev's Tumultuous First Year

Tokayev takes the oath

Three days after winning some 71 percent of the vote in a snap presidential election in which "significant irregularities" were noted by a leading international election monitor, Qasym-Zhomart Toqaev was sworn in as Kazakhstan's second president on June 12, 2019.

Kazakhstan: Political Protests Sweep Through All Major Cities – OpEd

Location of Kazakhstan

Hundreds of Kazakhs came into the streets of the two capitals and all other major cities of that country to demand a credit amnesty, a reversal of privatization into the hands of foreigners, and the liberation of political prisoners, the broadest such wave of protests in years and one that reflects the impact of the pandemic there.

Kazakhstan’s president says democracy is on its way

 But the riot police seem to have arrived first

Kazakhstan: Exiled regime nemesis splits sputtering opposition

Ablyazov alone Fecebook

The squabbling is good news for a regime that relentlessly tries to divide and conquer the opposition. 

Kazakhstan: UN Review Should Press for Reforms

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokaev takes the oath during his inauguration ceremony in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. © 2019 Vladislav Vodnev / Sputnik via AP

Allow Protests; Stop Persecuting Critics

Kazakhstan Remains Nazarbayev’s State

NAN Tokayev

If it walks like a president, talks like a president, and has powers on par with a president…

Unexplained Wealth Orders in the UK: What Will This Year Bring?

Unexplained Wealth Orders in the UK: What Will This Year Bring?

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Practicing Repression Abroad, Says Rights Watchdog

Practicing Repression Abroad, Says Rights Watchdog

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On the steppe

On the steppe

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