marchrutCrew deny knowing plane carried weapons



samoletorujieThai authorities have seized tonnes of weapons from an eastern European plane travelling from North Korea.


dzhakishev_mukhtarA criminal case against Mukhtar Dzhakishev, the former head of Kazakhstan's state uranium firm Kazatomprom, will proceed to court.


jovtisHuman rights activist Yevgeny Zhovtis was sentenced in September


Companies from Kazakhstan plan to move some of their fundraising away from London, according to the country's central bank governor, because UK investors failed to stand by the central Asian state during the financial crisis.


Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev has removed the head of the Central Asian country's security service after it clashed publicly with other law enforcement bodies.


shayakhmetovAdil Shayakhmetov has been appointed the new head of Kazakhstan's intelligence agency, the National Security Committee (KNB), replacing Amangeldy Shabdarbayev.


ablyazovNYTHe says that his ultimate aim is to overthrow Mr. Nazarbayev, even though he could be caught up in British courts for years to come. "I am just here temporarily," he insisted. "In the end I will return to Kazakhstan."




For more than a decade Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have had a rocky relationship. But now, following an announcement by Tashkent that it is withdrawing from the Central Asian electricity grid, bilateral ties may take a dangerous nosedive.


The survey of 2,307 respondents in 16 cities conducted by the Kazakhstan Institute of Politician Decisions showed that 34% of residents, city dwellers, had been unaware of the merger of the National Social-Democratic Party (NSDP) and Azat (Freedom).