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thediplomat ap nazarbaevWho will run Kazakhstan after President Nursultan Nazarbayev, its current and only leader, passes from the political scene?

kuanyshbashpaevIn April 2017 Kazakhstan jailed Kuanysh Bashpayev for later banned Islamic talks. Now Galymzhan Abilkairov, one of two who posted some of the talks online before the ban, has been jailed for seven years, seven months. Dadash Mazhenov's verdict is due on 5 November.

kartlaptopOnline grumbling can lead to long periods of imprisonment

nazkrizisNursultan Nazarbayev wants to remain an influential power broker in the country if and when he decides to step down.

andicristeaAny investigation into the Open Dialog Foundation will have to focus on its links to serious economic crimes in Moldova and Kazakhstan, say critics of the human rights organization, writes James Hipwell.

201809asia china mainChina’s Campaign of Repression Against Xinjiang’s Muslims

hub building 4 1 1024x726Kazakhstan is making strides towards digital transformation in many areas. One of the significant moves is the Astana Hub, an international technopark of start-ups that provides multilevel support to entrepreneurs, primarily in IT

Nursultan Nazarbayev AIFC 780Can Kazakhstan create an international financial centre in the middle of the steppes or is it just the latest central Asian pipe dream?

tsesnabankKazakh authorities said on Friday they would buy 450 billion tenge ($1.2 billion) of agricultural sector loans from Tsesnabank in order to boost its financial strength, while the country's No.2 lender reshuffled its management.

teng usThe new fall of the Kazakh tenge against the US dollar has again hit the pockets and purchasing power of ordinary Kazakhstanis.