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Ramil Niyazov

Kazakh police detained poet Ramil Niyazov as he held a one-man anti-government protest on Thursday in Almaty, holding a banner that read “Publicity discloses the insignificance of authoritarianism. Nazarbayev, 1987.”

Roman Vassilenko


Interview with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Roman Vassilenko

The Central Asian energy giant’s deputy minister of foreign affairs says the current state of relations between Brussels and Kazakhstan presents a unique opportunity to forge closer bilateral relations.

eurasian forum 2019

At a summit of the Eurasian Economic Union in Kazakhstan, the visiting heads of state were awarded with medals and inducted into the "Order of The First President of The Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev." Or all but one of them were, anyway.

NAN Tokayev

 Kazakhstan's young, creative class 'wakes up' – will the rest follow?

Show don't tell: Dancers performing at the opening of this year's Eurasian Media Forum. (Photo: Eurasian Media Forum website)

 While media gurus chat, the internet has taken a dive


The Astana Economic Forum addressed all the issues expected of an international summit: inclusivity, sustainability, security, change. But outside the conference hall, cracks seemed to be appearing

A man holding up a blank placard is arrested

Aslan Sagutdinov had a hunch. The authorities in Kazakhstan are so intolerant of dissent, he reasoned, that it does not really matter what protesters write on their placards.

Protesters Almaty

Police in Kazakhstan have detained several antigovernment protesters who staged demonstrations during ceremonies to mark the 74th anniversary of the Allied victory against Nazi Germany in World War II.

Tokayev Kasym

Kazakhstan has long set its sights on joining the world’s elite. Yet there’s a huge gap between their rhetoric and their deeds. 


Authorities in Kazakhstan are cracking down on citizens holding public demonstrations in support of the constitution.