merryThere is twelve month in a year. By analogue with this we collected twelve events and trends, which were clearly come up in Kazakhstan in expiring 2009. They are put together not as a rating, because importance of each event for a specific person depends on how strongly it concerns him personally.




1) $19 billion, thrown into firepot of crisis struggle, discovered many amusing things. The center of these events is that there are the money and political will to spend it, but no opportunity to make it effectively and for the good of the nation. The owners of billions became the addressees of billions, whereas poor people appeared overboard of governmental attention.


2) Oil price and the problem of diversification of economy are continuing to move hand in hand. As soon as the "black gold" prices starting to enter into zone troublesome for Kazakhstani budget, the government is activating in terms of retreat from raw dependency; but when the price goes up – and such care isn't disturbing a high-ranked face. In light of all this the information that there are more than 800 sectors in US economy is staying something incomprehensible.


3) Conviction of Yevgeniy Zhovtis for lethal car accident for the term of four years in standard regime penal colony showed that when business is all about revenge, then nobody considering rules of decorum.


In all in this year were unfamiliarly many civil productions before the court instances on various questions. But the court is still the same. As a result, there were more unfair and unjust sentences than usual.


4) The thing that we usually call "the West", has demonstratively put on ice human rights in Kazakhstan. Only energetics and safety are arguing for garland. On this background it is quite consistent that the decision about Astana presidency in OSCE 2010 is upholded.


5) The prosecution of Mukhtar Ablyazov couldn't be thrown away from the top-twelve. Chess-playing banker took numerous billions from under a nose of control and regulation bodies, spawned in locust numbers – nobody noticed. And then the government's "admission" in BTA Bank, then the pumping of billions of dollars from National Fund and incomprehensible half-default condition of the bank. It is allegedly functioning, but has negative equity. Yet nobody in the West giving loans to it and nobody will.


Alongside this event in light of the financial crisis a splitting of bankers' personalities is been diagnosed. They are clearly believed that the rest of the world must forgive and restructure their debts, but they for their debtors – not. The first diseased was Maksat Kabashev, the chairman of Alliance Bank, and then the disease went further.


The new feature in functioning of the National Bank in Taraz city was disappearance of Yerbol Tursaliev within its walls. The man dropped in to buy collectible coins and never went out of the building. The National Bank is stating that the man came out of the building, but unable to show when and where.


6) The year has noticeable activation oа national patriots. These people suddenly started to read documents, which is printed by Assembly of the Nation of Kazakhstan. Something similar to Doctrine of National Unity under the authorship of Assembly has always been issued in a common order; however, nobody read the production. And suddenly that happened. Also, national-patriots are still not distinguishing state-civil and ethnical identification.


7) the lamentations for the destiny of Kazakh language is not a new feature of the season, however the trend has clearly strengthen. The set of people, who are aiming to get something out of this, is also enlarged.


8) The arrest of Serik Turzhanov can be perceived as a signal for business society that it is annoyed with its assertion of entrepreneurs' rights. The authorities have angered about charges in corruption and parasitizing. All the more so, they couldn't change their nature and could perceive businessmen only as a fare. Count Dracula from Transylvania successfully managed the problem of corruption by impaling corrupted bodies. However, nobody in Ak Orda is considering such radical methods. As a result, those suffered in 2009 in the first stance, who made benefits not disadvantages to the country and society.


9) The mutual distaste in the family of law protecting agencies and special services came to clearly unhealthy indicators. Mainly Committee of National Security and financial police were sorted things out, but in some or other case all security officials and law enforcers are participating in a mess.


10) The case of Mukhtar Dzhakishev showed that the attempt to make $4 billion for the treasury and to keep high-tech sector couldn't be unpunished. Also the head of CNS, Amangeldy Shabdarbayev, was occasionally has been exposed as a complete schizophrenic. What is amazing, that Shabdarbayev was thrown out of the game by adding "ex" prefix to his post of the chairman, but not Dzhamilya Dzhakisheva, who was established bad image for him.


11) The Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus was organized in haste. Nowadays the weather in geopolitics is prestormy, and to prevent somebody to gone with some unfamiliar wind, Astana made advances to Kremlin, because this path is historically beaten and understandable. The new organization is being established in many things for the sake of it. Allegedly everything must be good for everyone, but in which exact thing this positive would appear, nobody who holding the power can explain properly.


12) Rakhat Aliev has dried as a source of killing dirt. Now he is spoiling only domestic squabbles of Ak Orda habitants' lifetime. What kind of nuclear contraceptive dirt he has stays secret for the internet society, because it never been demonstrated by no means.