Nazarbaev the grizzled love-lace

altThe old love-lace Nazarbaev has turned the state into a brothel and debauched the entire country


It goes without saying that Nursultan Nazarbaev suffers from – to use medical terms – idiopathic mental disorders manifest in his polythematic delusions. The Kazakh leader’s paranoiac splashes keep staggering with their hyperbolic supernaturalism and, at the same time, ordinary mental degeneration. Take, for instance, Astana that is erected in the midst of steppes and thus doomed for eternal tests of nature and which Nazarbaev loves to dub as his “offspring”! However, very few customary taxpayers are aware of the amount of public money spent on ordering PR campaigns abroad on behalf of “the number one Kazakh”. It looks bizarre that the current crisis that deprived ordinary citizens of their income basically overnight, has by no means affected the funds allocated to Nazarbaev’s media projects and their promoters.


10 million dollars is allocated in 2009 to the vanguard state body assigned to “popularize Nazarbaev” – Committee for International Information at Kazakhstan’s ministry of foreign affairs. Our reference can help those who have little idea about what that institution is like: the committee was specially set up for “propaganda of Kazakhstan’s accomplishments under the leadership of Nazarbaev”. In the meantime, according to some reports, the monies have already been disbursed by the middle of this year, and fresh – yet no less sizable – amount is at the moment being apportioned from the reserve fund.


Overseas agencies are being employed in this “hyper-important public activity”. For instance, in accordance with a request by the Kazakh government, Marston Nicholson Mayor, a French PR company, periodically disseminates embellished information on Astana’s policies in Western media.


However, the “foreigners” bring rather trouble than yield positive outcomes expected of them by Nazarbaev. For example, Georg Gafron Media-service GmbH that works primarily in German-language countries, was enlisted by Nazarbaev for 700,000 euros to cover the last parliamentary elections, and thus placed interviews and commentaries by Kazakh leaders in the media. Shortly after, the Germans renounced their contract with Ak-Orda because the information on Kazakhstan in the form and extent that was presented by Georg Gafron Media-service was basically scrapped by the Western consumer.


It deserves citing that during the aforementioned elections, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights reported that Astana had bribed at least 30 per cent of registered 400 international observers. Ak-Orda spared 1.5 million euros on them not to mention 1 million euros remunerated to those from CIS countries.


Global Options Management, a Washington-based firm headed by Nazarbaev’s infamous counselor Aleksander Mirtchev, tops the list of ill-starred international PR groups. According to Wall Street Journal, this company helped Kazakh officials not only “whitewash” their image and resolve the process known as “Kazakhgate”, but also carry out operations on the territory of the United States directed at investigating the activities of those who are critical of Nazarbaev.


Failure of numerous publicity campaigns in international media was basically predetermined. Probably and most likely the problem is hardly inherent in PR managers. The hitch could well be much simpler: There is a lack of any serious curiosity about our country in the West because there is, figuratively speaking, nothing interesting in and of Kazakhstan. Except for oil! And thus all these campaigns in the media pursue a single goal – to entertain Nazarbaev’s ill vanity and mentality. This is voiced by many experts in the West, by the way.


Nonetheless, what annoys most is when our home-bred “agitators”, as the saying goes, throw sand in the eyes. To be sure, for the time being it was bearable to be crammed with “somnolent” statistics by the ministry of economy and fiscal planning. Yet today, with the global economic downturn in full swing, “specialists” from the pro-government propaganda team are increasingly discovering their own professional unsuitability. By realizing that at this stage the image of a “capable economic executive” and “crisis manager” by no means corresponds to the character of the Kazakh leader under prostration, they appeal for humane feelings. They say our president “is a human being just like everyone else”. He, they continue, is “nice and loving”, “caring and attentive”, “sympathetic and compassionate”, and so on. Consequently, as the logic goes, he has the right to make mistakes.


In this very context should one regard the nature of the article “Charming the president: first love does never fade” published recently in the weekly “Argumenty i fakty” [Arguments and Facts]. Nazarbaev is depicted in the article as a man true to his deep senses, to his first love. He turns out to have these sentiments not toward his wife but rather to a Ukrainian citizen, Ludmila Kalnysh, with whom he used to study at a vocational technical college in Ukraine forty years ago.



As the paper recounts, all these years Ludmila has “lived with sweet memories of feelings given by the young Nuri as a keepsake” who “as far back as then used to speak superb Russian. His speech poured dazzling and with ease”. Cited is his generosity as well: many years later, he helped out his first sweetheart with financial backing. Whata “Socratic virtue”! Correct me if I’m wrong.


It is a widely known secret that Nazarbaev always dispensed public funds with undue familiarity. Apart form that, however, it turns out that “Nuri” while even at technical college was reputed for his affaires de coeur which, by the way, are carried on to these days.


In the 1990s, Nazarbaev led a romance with an air hostess of the presidential jet, Gulnara Rakisheva, who quickly “slipped into taste” and in front of the First Family demanded for a villa in Astana. Later, Gulnara gave birth to two daughters from Nazarbaev in 2000 and 2002; she became proprietress of the leading airline, Air Astana, and even got her father appointed as deputy defense minister. Since 2004 she has lived with her two daughters in Spain’s Marbella, at a mansion owned personally by the president.


Raushan Esbulatova, another stewardess of “Air Force One”, reached professional heights through Nazarbaev’s bed as well. Today she “serves the Fatherland” in the field of diplomatic duty as a consul general of Kazakhstan in New York.


At 57, Nazarbaev set off a new passion intrigue in 1997 – this time he caught heat with a 17-year-old model Asel, “Miss Kazakhstan”.alt


Having become the third, “junior wife” of Nazarbaev’s, she in 2005, while in Turkey, gave birth to his first son, the president’s single heir of spear side. Though hard to believe, the geneticists are said to have grown the embryo in a test-tube in order to make sure the child is born boy. Nazarbaev even formally introduced Asel to [then Russian president Vladimir] Putin as his chosen one who gave him a long awaited heir. At the moment the head of our state lives in Astana with her, having sent his official spouse Sara Nazarbaeva into “exile” in Almaty.


If the Kazakh Don Juan’s first love Ludmila Kalnysh ever knew of all these and other particulars of his personal life! She might have otherwise paused before bursting with her eulogies about his moral and decent qualities. Apparently, “Nuri” is no longer a person he used to be 40 years ago. Today he is lord of a “Nursultanate” with his own harem.


Nazarbaev’s cynicism is striking! Hardly content with his own lascivious dealings, he forces his own children to similar conduct. For instance, he made his daughter divorce from her husband. He kept his grandchildren hostage to prevent his kids from defying.


Few would mind our suggestion that the “head of state” has imposed a similar immoral lifestyle on his people as well. One is stunned by state-level conferences addressing the “possibilities of polygamy’s legalization” and by the expanding vogue among government circles to have a number of wives! Comments are redundant except for the saying that fish start to rot from the head.


These disgraces notwithstanding, court image-makers have insistently endeavored to uphold the vulgar person and love-lace as a “highly moral figure”. Yet during all these presidential years he has done so much blot that scarcely any PR campaign involving best of image-makers can ever restore his stature. The posterity will for long remember Nursultan Nazarbaev less as the first president of Kazakhstan than as a Kazakh “Caligula” who crooked the country into a brothel and debauched the entire nation.




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