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Arrest of presidential son-in-law could open Pandora's box
Rakhat Aliev is awaiting possible extradition to Kazakhstan to face charges of abduction and illegal business activities 08 Jun 2007
Human Rights Watch World Report 2006: Kazakhstan
Kazakh authorities continue to interfere with citizens’ rights to free assembly and expression 21 Jan 2006
Family business of president's son-in-law: banks, OSCE, disappearance of people
Kazakhs press for probe into banker's disappearance 10 May 2007
Kazakh leader orders probe into son-in-law
in an apparent bid to tighten control over the political scene 24 May 2007
James Giffen - an international mystery
will be able to use his “defense of state interests” position in the trial 05 Feb 2007
Question mark over ambition to take over OSCE chairmanship in 2009
Kazakh leader gets right to rule indefinitely 20 May 2007
Appeal of secrets ruling denied in broker bribe case
Hearing in the Giffen case has been scheduled for December, 18 07 Dec 2006
Nazarbayev's son-in-law tortured banker
Kidnapping of the Nurbank deputy head resembles the killing of A. Sarsenbayev 05 Feb 2007
Kazakh leader shows interest
in extending Ukrainian oil pipeline to Poland 02 Apr 2007
US Senate disappointed, will not support Kazakh bid to chair OSCE
Chairman of US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Joseph R. Biden forwards tough letter to President Nazarbayev 14 Mar 2007
What will the FBI say?
Widow of murdered opposition leader turns to USA for help 01 Dec 2006
A heavy (k)night out
An insight account of what President Nazarbaev was up to after his meetings with German government and representatives from business were over 05 Feb 2007
Oil, cash and corruption
No leader in the world as notoriously corrupt as Nazarbayev 06 Nov 2006
OSCE should deny Kazakh chairmanship bid
Statement of international watchdog Freedom House 28 Nov 2006
Kazakhstan: Political reshuffle involves president's son-in-law
days after Aliyev became embroiled in a controversy over the disappearance of two former bank executives 11 Feb 2007
Security versus democracy
Kazakhstan is at the centre of an ugly trade 27 Jul 2007
Intelligence operations against international monitors in Kazakhstan
Rakhat Aliyev begins exposing the Nazarbayev regime 17 Aug 2007
Criminal scandal widens around ex-ambassador Aliev
Kazakh authorities are piling up the evidence in the case against Rakhat Aliev 06 Sep 2007
Stop Nazarbayev, protect OSCE!
International Organizations Strongly Urge U.S. to Remain Opposed to Kazakhstan's Leadership of OSCE 22 Sep 2007
Kazakhstan hit hard by the shortage of liquidity
Kazakhstan and its banks are embroiled in the global financial turmoil 11 Oct 2007
"Ich bin jetzt Staatsfeind Nummer 1"
Kasachische Agenten aus ganz Europa sind nach Wien eingeflogen 04 Jun 2007
Setback for authoritarian president
Kazakhstan should demonstrate its democratic credentials before assuming the chairmanship 28 Nov 2007
Big trouble for big money
US Congress refused to support Nur-Borat's claim to OSCE chairmanship 18 Oct 2007
Papa Doc Nazarbayev
Nursultan Nazarbayev hungers for respect 31 May 2007
Has the Prince Been Exiled Back to Austria?:
The On-going Saga of Rakhat Aliyev, Family Quarrels, and the OSCE 02 Jun 2007
Profil - Interview with Dr. Rakhat Aliyev
Now I am No.1 enemy of state 06 Jun 2007
APCO, paragon of ethics, representing Kazakh regime:
Can Turkmenistan be far behind? 17 Oct 2007
After Nazarbayev: The dictator, his daughter, and a dynasty at war
A bitter and bizarre power struggle has thrown the family - and the country - into turmoil 30 May 2007
Kazakhstan's powerful president
Nursultan Nazarbayev won’t tolerate rivals 09 Jun 2007
The Nazarbayev family's dirty energy
Mafia loot financed aborted Kazakh gas scheme, prosecutors say 27 Oct 2007
Held up as regional model, Kazakhstan's stability falters
A political drama is being played out between the president and a son-in-law with presidential aspirations 13 Jun 2007
Experts of the Committee against Torture Commend Kazakhstan for Enhanced Legislation

Experts of the Committee against Torture Commend Kazakhstan for Enhanced Legislation

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Kazakh official: Not the time to resolve differences through war

Kazakh official: Not the time to resolve differences through war

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Oil majors sued by Kazakh government over billions in revenue

Oil majors sued by Kazakh government over billions in revenue

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