oscelogoOSCE Centre facilitates discussion on simplification of pre-trial criminal procedures in KazakhstanA recently adopted law that aims to simplify preliminary criminal investigation procedures in Kazakhstan was in focus at an OSCE-supported roundtable discussion that was held in Astana today.




The event brought together government officials, parliamentarians, academics, lawyers, civil society representatives and international experts. Participants discussed ways to improve the implementation of criminal justice legislation in accordance with international standards and best practices in the field. They also assessed the possible impact of the law on the work of police officers, prosecutors and the judiciary.


"Simplification of pre-trial procedures is expected to increase the efficiency of criminal proceedings," said Stephan Buchmayer, Human Dimension Officer of the OSCE Centre in Astana. "However, the simplification should not undermine the respect for the rights of all the participants of the criminal process."


Svetlana Bychkova, a Member of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, added: "The concept of legal policy of Kazakhstan for the period 2010-2020 envisages further humanization of the criminal legislation. Therefore, this law aims to simplify the criminal procedures on minor and medium gravity crimes."


The meeting, organized jointly by the OSCE Centre in Astana, the Parliament of Kazakhstan and the Legal Policy Research Centre, a Kazakh think tank, was part of the Centre's work to support law enforcement reform and capacity-building.