December 2009

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Kazakhstan: Watchdog Group Calls on Astana to Enhance the Rights of Migrant Workers

Energy-rich Kazakhstan has been a magnet for Central Asian migrant workers for much of the last decade. Many make a decent living, but for some the dream turns into a nightmare of shakedowns by police...


After Dubai debacle, wondering where the next debt bombs lurk

For the moment, at least, global investors seem to be taking Dubai's sinking fortunes in their stride        Like overstretched American homeowners, governments and companies across the glob...


Kazakhstan to export 3 mln tonnes of grains to China

Kazakhstan still did not launch grain terminal at the border with the People's Republic of China, and Kazakhstan faces some problems with grain shipment to China.     Next year, Kazakhstan pl...

Events and opinions

Kazakhstan: A player on the European energy market

Kazakhstan wants to leave politics out of the equation and make a profit when dealing with the transport of hydrocarbons, the country's foreign minister told five visiting western journalists at his l...

Events and opinions

A sad story of villages

Rural areas have the desire to work except but no possibilities to it.     Economical reforms, which were thought out by our country's government to move forward, threw away agricultural sect...

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